Bangkok University International Marketing
Marketing seeks to take a product or service, identify its ideal customers, and draw the customers' focus to the product or service. Being seen is critical for all businesses, and at BU International, we mix the latest technology with a hands-on approach to develop your unique skills and meet the needs of marketing in today’s and tomorrow's environments.A BU International degree in Marketing will explore topics such as E-Marketing Research, E-commerce Marketing, Digital Marketing, Progressive Marketing, Customer Engagement and Sales, E-CRM and Strategy, Social Media, and Online Reputation. Students will also gain knowledge of and practice the skills necessary to conduct professional-level customer research, market research, and data analytics.Within the Marketing program, you will continuously align with global business trends and acquire the necessary expertise to thrive in marketing-related organizations of any scale or nature.Additionally, we are a pioneering university in the use of MarTech, a cutting-edge platform that helps create, communicate, execute, and optimize marketing for products and services. Why study this field?Discover the magic of marketing with our multinational experienced faculty and put your talent to the test in real-world projectsLearn to develop global marketing strategies based on real consumer insights to provide a strong foundation for any ventureEnjoy a dynamic learning environment with international industry experts as your mentorsApply your skills to real cases to ensure you are ready to succeedConnect with our corporate partners and benefit from the professional marketing communityContent and knowledge are up to the trend of business which are able to apply in offline, online and omni channelsDevelop the knowledge to become a strategic marketing planner, a creative thinker, and a real-world practitioner exposed to the dynamics of marketing technology (MarTech)
Bangkok University International Entrepreneurship
At BU International, we turn your dream of becoming a business owner into reality by nurturing your entrepreneurial mindset. Our program is designed to provide you with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required to embark on your entrepreneurial journey successfully. Whether you aspire to be a startup entrepreneur, a successor in a family-owned business, a business analyst, an investment analyst, a marketing professional, a business development expert, or pursue various other career paths, our curriculum is tailored to equip you with the skills needed for your future success.Within our curriculum, you'll engage in workshops led by industry experts, ensuring you stay informed about dynamic business trends. Over the course of four years, you'll have the opportunity to interact with more than 100 professionals. Additionally, our partnership with Babson College, the world's foremost entrepreneurship institute, sets our program apart, guiding your entrepreneurial aspirations.Why study this field? Learn from a curriculum developed from our partnership with Babson College (USA), the No.1 institution for entrepreneurship education.  Incubate your start-up and get the support needed for the future.Prepare for the ever-changing global marketplace with our emphasis on risk management.Develop a curriculum based on the concept of BABSON College.The largest network of young business owners.There is an ECOSYSTEM that supports various activities.There is a center to promote and develop business owners (BCE)We have business incubators which have both experts and mentors to share their real business experience to our students.We have a research center for developing entrepreneurs in a digital era.Practical-based LearningLearning from practice. By letting students know how to find insights from real customers.Developing entrepreneurship skills and mindset during four yearsMeet over 100 experts throughout the courseCooperate with The World's No.1 Entrepreneurship Institute “Babson College
Bangkok University International Communication Strategy and Ideation
Communication Strategic and Ideation (CSI) is a modern and uniquely designed degree created to enhance career opportunities across a variety of current and developing professions.Elements of management, communication and creativity are all intertwined to help establish a professional base so you can develop your individual interests and abilities.A variety of highly marketable skills are developed through theoretical and experiential learning in state of the art facilities. Courses range from persuasive presentation, thinking skills for lifelong learning and entrepreneurial spirit to storytelling, photography, leadership and creative design. The curriculum and workshops are created to meet the continually changing needs of the marketplace and make your innate talents shine.Whether you enjoy interpersonal relations, media communications or the creation and implementation of ideas, there is a place for you in the world of Communication Strategy and Ideation.Why study this field?Emphasizes both theory and practice, from interpersonal communication to mass communication, using ideation approaches and advanced facilitiesLearn the secret to creative and strategic communication with our practical curriculum and experienced facultyPrepare students to meet the demands and new challenges of the fast-changing communication world by emphasizing strategic communication and integrated media ideationSpecial workshops to strengthen skillsInternship opportunity specifically for CSI students by Dentsu Interesting and trendy courses Leading partners to give real case studiesDouble degree with University of Canberra  
Bangkok University International Business English
Discover limitless opportunities with a Business English degree from at BU International.. Whether your passion lies in language, management, or digital communication, our program equips you for success.You'll delve into the language of business, global investment, and international trade. Our program not only focuses on language but also enhances management skills and delves into data visualization to provide you with a competitive edge in your chosen profession. Whether you aspire to excel in public relations, social media management, brand management, or even pursue a career as a speechwriter or songwriter, BU International's Business English Program empowers you to match your passion with your dream job.We offer a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing internships, workshops, and hands-on projects, ensuring you develop essential business and communication skills. Whether your goal is entrepreneurship or a career in a multinational hospitality business, our diverse range of activities fosters critical and creative thinking, preparing you for success.Why complete this degree?Develop the English and intercultural skills needed in the international business environment.Master the business fundamentals to maximize your entrepreneurial potential.Benefit from the opportunities to practice authentic business practices.Acquire the language, business, and intercultural competencies to help you succeed anywhere in the world.Gain a multitude of skills including global and corporate English for communication skills, business skills, and digital skillsLocal & Global Ecosystems: academic & business partnersDynamic learning environmentAble to graduate in 3.5 yearsJob opportunities in different types of businesses and in different countries
Bangkok University International Creative Communication Design
At the core of CCD lies our unwavering belief that no single mold fits all. We champion our students' journey of self-exploration, encouraging them to define their distinct design identity.Bridging communication theories with pioneering design practices, CCD crafts a holistic learning experience that positionsstudents at the forefront of the media landscape. Collaboratively designed with leading industry figures, our curriculum ensures that students remain attuned to the evolving trends in communication and design.Benefit from the insights and mentorship of renowned educators and industry experts, each of whom brings a wealth of practicalexperience and knowledge to the table. Beyond traditional classroom learning, CCD offers a plethora of real-world experiences, from internships and workshops to meaningful collaborations with industry stakeholders.The program develops advanced skills and technical competency in drawing, illustration, graphic design, color and computer applications.Students become professionals in the field of design media arts using the latest technologies, tools and software in the most advanced computer lab.Why complete this degree?Curriculum emphasizes Creative thinking, communication and communication design, research, and problem-solving with industry partners.Practice-based learningCurating real life experience for studentsDouble Degree Program 3+1 with Middlesex University, UK.Unlock your creative potential while developing technical competencies indrawing, illustration, graphic design, and computer applicationsLearn to make sense of different design contexts and to create works that communicate effectivelyExpose yourself to the international way of thinking in design to prepare for careers in the global media industry
Bangkok University International International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Jump-start your own travel agency equipped with the management skills and a global perspective of the tourism industry.Learn to create and sell your own tours and get feedback from real customers. Get practical work experiences in two separate internships via our extensive corporate network.Graduate with the expertise in eTourism and MICE industry management.Our BA in International Tourism and Hospitality Management creates professionals with entrepreneurial spirit. You will gain management skills and a global perspective while specialising in international tourism, international hospitality, MICE, health and wellness tourism, and hotel business. This hallmark course offers practice-oriented learning in state-of- the-art facilities and lets you tap into professional networks over two separate internships.In collaboration with leading academics and industry partners, you will be able to use transformative digital technologies in innovative and market disrupting ways. After graduating, you will be ready to work in various service sector industries both in operationaland managerial roles or run your own business.Why study this field?Graduate coursework completed within 3.5 years95% of students are international, fostering a diverse learning environmentEmphasis on practice-based learning in internationalization and global experiencesAcquire practical work experience through internship via our extensive corporate networkBenefit from the expertise of both professional and academic experts with global experiencesEngage in hands-on learning through lab courses in Food & Beverage, Front Office, and Airline BusinessIndustry/destination experiences include field trips, company visits, and hotel toursMaster Classes led by industry expertsState-of-the-art learning facilities and laboratories meeting industry standardsExplore internship opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settingsExchange programs, cultural exchanges, and study tours with partner universitiesDual-degree options available with leading institutions in the tourism and hospitality sectorCollaborate with industry partners to enhance your understanding of the fieldGraduate with a specialization in Tourism, Hospitality, and MICE Management
Bangkok University International Culinary Arts and Design
Experience a world of culinary possibilities through the Culinary Arts and Design program at at BU International.. Whether your culinary aspirations lead you towards styling, consulting, specializing, becoming a media personality, or owning your food business, our program seamlessly blends the essential ingredients to create something truly extraordinary.At at BU International, we stand ready to equip you with fundamental culinary skills, encompassing kitchen operations, knife mastery, cooking techniques, culinary nutrition, and the art of food styling. Our cutting-edge facilities add further value to your culinary journey, enabling you not just to follow recipes but to craft unique dishes by applying your design skills, thus creating new dining experiences.Our facilities and equipment are thoughtfully designed to replicate the professional food service industry, ensuring you are well-prepared for your culinary journey.Even if you've never tried your hand in the kitchen before, there's no need to worry. 'The Kitchen' awaits, where our instructors walk you through every cooking step with large-screen demonstrations before you try it yourself.For those whose passion lies in cakes, pies, and eclairs, our 'Patisserie Lab' is the perfect haven. This fully-equipped space caters to aspiring pastry chefs and bakery enthusiasts, featuring modern equipment to hone your skills.International and Thai dishes are taught and practiced in our “Culinary Lab” which is equipped with the latest equipment and ingredients allowing a wide range of regional and international dishes to be created. Additionally, we offer masterclasses led by international guest chefs, unveiling culinary techniques from around the world. Engage in workshops with celebrity chefs, pose questions, and you may even find yourself on one of their cooking shows.Why study this field? Possibility to graduate in 3.5 years Learning all about the food service industry, core courses focus on culinary & design skills, service management and English communication abilitiesCourses are project based so you not only learn how to create, you actually make and then taste your own “masterpieces”Specialize interests through electives in select international cuisine, cake decoration, advanced baking and patisserie or beverage specialization including wine, mixology or coffee & tea makingAside from culinary and management skills you can also learn about product identity and branding, food product design and future food sourcesModern and fully equipped kitchen labs Specialized workshops by leading experts are given that demonstrate the latest and greatest in the food industryFlexible internship programs which can have you studying locally or internationallyDouble Degree Program with Culinary Arts Academy (CAAS), Switzerland  
Bangkok University International Innovative Media Production
The Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Innovative Media Production (International Program) is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges and demands in today’s world of fast changing information and communication technologies. The program aims to provide students with strong academic knowledge and specialized skill and expertise in the field of media production. The curriculum provides students with opportunity to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills with different course works and projects. Students will be encouraged to reflect new challenges and trends in innovation technology in media production beyond national level. Toward the end of the program, students will be able to develop both production and management skills to be able to compete in area of media production businesses today.Why study this field?Aims to develop media and content producers with emphasis on multi-platform media production covering both tradition and New Media.Program designed to encourage students to become true media entrepreneurs for the future.Transforms student's creativity, and versatility through an innovative approach to what the media of the future should look like.Blends theories with hands-on experiences which will provide the students with a creative portfolio.Hands-on experience from the first year.Learn about media entrepreneurship and the entertainment business in addition to media production knowledge and skills.Opportunity to work in a variety of fields .Gain more opportunities and overseas experiences through our international academic partners
Bangkok University International BBA
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular undergraduate degree program that focuses on various aspects of business management and administration. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, practices, and functions. The strength of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree lies in its versatility and applicability across a wide range of industries and sectors.Our program offers a unique opportunity to acquire practical business knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional lectures. With a focus on strategic thinking and networking with peers from around the world, our program cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit in our students.The BBA program typically covers a wide range of subjects related to business, including:Digital MarketingInternational Business Management Data Science for BusinessFinance and InvestmentWhy study this field?Variety of Special InterestsDigital Marketing, International Business Management, Data Science, Finance and InvestmentProject-Based LearningFocuses on student centered learning through the completion of projects. emphasis on students actively engaging in real-world, hands-on projects that are relevant to their interests and learning goals.Dual and Double Degree OpportunitiesStudents need to take a combination of courses from both disciplines, as well as fulfill the requirements. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded two degrees.Internship and Job OpportunitiesInternships are designed to help individuals bridge the gap between their academic education and real-world professional experience. They offer a chance to apply theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms to actual work situations.

You can apply to Bangkok University through two convenient channels:

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For Thai Programs

After successfully applying and completing the registration, you can start classes in June This registration is for the 1/1 semester, consisting of approximately 2-3 courses.

Registration for payment of the 1/2 semester fee will take place in August, covering an additional 4 courses.

If you apply for admission between May and July, classes will commence in August, and you will study and pay for the entire semester, consisting of 6-7 courses.

Following that, for the 2nd semester (starting in January), the semester fee will be based on the registration process.

1. Copy of house registration - 1 copy

2. Copy of ID card - 1 copy

3. Copy of educational documents - 1 copy

Travel Information

  • Bus Routes: 34, 39, 59, 95ก., ปอ.510, ปอ.520, ปอ.29, ปอ.39, รถ บขส. (Northern and Northeastern routes)
  • Get off at Chatuchak Station and transfer to a minivan at the parking lot opposite Chatuchak.
  • BUS Route: ต.85 (Victory Monument - Bangkok University - Rangsit)

Online Application

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    Once accepted, you can pay tuition and register for the university online.
    Payment Methods:
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    - Internet banking

Documents for New Student Registration

  • Copy of Household Registration
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Copy of Educational Certificate
  • Payment Receipt (if applicable)

Dress in student attire and you can also get your student ID card on the same day.

If not convenient, you can dress formally, and the university provides photo editing services.

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