School of Business Administration Master of Business Administration
     In the era of economics and technology, every business requires highly capable professionals to effectively manage their operations, ensuring the development of business strategies that lead to sustainable competitiveness.     The Master of Business Administration program at Bangkok University is prepared to produce graduates with knowledge in business management, enabling them to enhance their creative working abilities. The program promotes the use of technology in business management, encouraging the application of skills for problem analysis and decision-making. It aims to create management potential in individuals, fostering professionalism and leadership skills, as well as strong teamwork abilities. Graduates will be well-equipped to drive organizations towards success, standing at the forefront, or even establishing and managing their own businesses. 
School of Communication Arts Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications
        The world is changing rapidly, in terms of economics, society, technology, and culture. Communication is essential to connect everything together and create understanding and acceptance. This is especially true for organizations, both public and private, that aim to create sustainable value for their businesses and build strong relationships with stakeholders. Strategic communication is therefore essential for driving organizations forward. If an organization has a strong strategic communication leader, it can easily achieve its goals.       The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program at Bangkok University focuses on developing students to become strategic communicators who can effectively drive organizations forward. The curriculum is designed to be aligned with global trends in economics, society, and culture. It is accredited by the university and the Office of the Higher Education Commission and is recognized both domestically and internationally. The program aims to produce managers, planners, entrepreneurs, communication consultants, and other business professionals.      The school members of the program are highly qualified in both academic and professional fields. They can effectively transfer knowledge and understanding from real-world experience. The program also invites academics and experts from abroad to lecture, which enhances the students' experience. This allows students to learn from a broad range of perspectives and apply their knowledge in the most effective way possible in the field of strategic communication.
School of Communication Arts Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications
     As technological advancements progress limitlessly, global society transitions into the digital era, where online media plays a pivotal role in full-fledged marketing operations. It is undeniable that human potential must evolve in tandem with the rapidly changing online technologies. Therefore, it is imperative to adapt to keep pace with technology, not only to meet current occupational demands but also to achieve professional goals and success in the business realm.     Online technology has developed extensively, with an increasing number of users. This has led to a significant transformation in consumer behavior, rendering traditional marketing communication ineffective. Consequently, digital marketing communication has grown rapidly and consistently, becoming a crucial mainstream in current and future marketing communications. It is a key element that marketers cannot afford to ignore.     Businesses and companies now seek personnel with enhanced expertise in digital marketing communication, making it a highly demanded job position with higher returns compared to conventional marketing roles.     Individuals with genuine knowledge and expertise in digital marketing communication are still relatively scarce in Thailand. This is a relatively new and underserved field, with no university offering a serious and comprehensive undergraduate or graduate program. Therefore, Bangkok University has collaborated with leading marketing consulting firms and digital agencies to develop a cutting-edge Master's program in Digital Marketing Communication, creating a new generation of digital marketing communicators capable of meeting current and future needs.    The Master's program in Digital Marketing Communication at Bangkok University provides a learning experience that keeps pace with global trends, delving deep into understanding and accessing the dynamic digital marketing landscape. The curriculum focuses on equipping learners with outstanding communication skills, enabling them to create and convey diverse and innovative content. This is combined with digital technology skills that serve as powerful channels for effective communication. The program aims to produce graduates with expertise in creating and delivering compelling content, blending news, online technology, and marketing strategies for highly efficient communication.
School of Humanities and Tourism Management Master of Arts Program in Innovative Tourism and Hospitality Management
     Bangkok University presents a unique program in Service and Tourism Management, focusing on advanced knowledge, deep understanding, and staying updated on global trends. Our goal is to meet the present and future needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, both nationally and internationally.     We've developed a curriculum that empowers students with the skills and expertise to effectively manage the service and tourism sector. This program addresses the requirements of the global workforce and boosts the capabilities of entrepreneurs to compete internationally.     The program ensures comprehensive learning, allowing students to gain knowledge and understanding in all aspects of the service industry. Experienced instructors, with real-world insights, teach in state-of-the-art facilities. Students also have the chance to travel abroad for hands-on learning experiences.Furthermore, we have established various partnerships to support holistic learning, providing students with the highest level of knowledge and benefits. Our successful alumni network adds to the confidence of our students, creating a community of inspiration.    
School of Architecture Master of Architecture
The Master of Architecture Program is an intensive bilingual program (Thai-English) designed for individuals passionate about architecture, interior design, and innovative architectural businesses. With a research-based design approach, this program offers extensive opportunities in both architectural design and construction industries, including academic careers in architecture.The program is open to applicants with a primary degree in architecture, interior design, or related fields. It aims to enhance design skills, focusing on conceptualization, technological understanding, customer and user comprehension, and business creation. The program emphasizes increasing opportunities for growth in the fields of interior and exterior architectural design and the construction industry.Students can enrich their experience and enhance qualifications with close supervision from expert school members, including regular and visiting professors who are prominent designers and business leaders in the architecture and construction industry. Additionally, the program provides an extensive business design network through its Ecosystem and Partnerships with leading architectural organizations and educational institutions at national and international levels.There are three specialized branches:ArchitectureInterior ArchitectureInnovative Design and ManagementWorking While LearningThe program caters to students with limited time, allowing them to work while studying, with the possibility of completing the program within 1.5 years.International ExperiencesAs a bilingual program, students have the opportunity to exchange experiences with international peers.Academic CalendarSemester 1: August to DecemberSemester 2: January to MaySummer Semester: June to July
Bangkok University International Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering (International Program)
Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering aims to produce a Master with in-depth knowledge of electrical and computer engineering. Students will be working alongside a team of faculty and researchers at the School of Engineering on cutting-edge research. Students will be provided with the background needed and comprehensive skills training. Strong emphasis is put on communication skills, research methodology and technical writing as well.
School of Entrepreneurship and Management MASTER OF MANAGEMENT IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP
     Whether you already have a business or not, the Entrepreneurship program is open to everyone who has goals and passion to expand their knowledge and drive the success of their business. Packed with knowledge and understanding applicable to both SMEs and startups, the program allows you to simultaneously build your business while pursuing a master's degree, with the opportunity to graduate in just 14 months.Suitable for those interested in starting a business while working, the program combines theoretical learning, skill development, in-depth entrepreneurship exploration, as well as various strategic and planning approaches. It includes intensive workshops where you can apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios, showcasing creativity and business ideas. Learn from leading entrepreneurs who serve as expert instructors, sharing their successful business experiences. Receive guidance from dedicated mentors in areas of your interest, and benefit from connections with real-world business professionals.
Bangkok University International Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication (International Program)
          The dynamics of economics, society, communication, technology, culture, and law in the midst of globalization not only influence the sociocultural environment but also the media contents and media consumption in all continents, transforming global customer’s behavioral orientation from mass consumption to individual consumption.          Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication aims to develop you to the future “transformational leader,” who has a solid theoretical knowledge and insights in managing convergence of media and the multicultural and cross-cultural contents of media in the intercultural communication contexts. Understanding of communication research, cultural diversity, global advocacy will enable the future transformational leader to drive the global vision and missions on the global stage with strategic communication policies, mechanism, and initiatives. 
Bangkok University International Master of Business Administration (English Program)
          The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program seeks to provide students with the managerial skills necessary to make and implement decisions. With its strong emphasis on analytical problem solving, the program also aims at developing the students’ ability to work effectively with others. To achieve these ends, the program offers a learning experience designed to stimulate receptiveness to new ideas and new ways of approaching problems.  In short, the ultimate success of the program or the main objective in the design of the curriculum is the students’ ability to meet challenges and demands of management in the future.MBA BU is the best selection for all people including full-time employee who is looking to advance their careers. You are able to complete within 1.6 years study only on Saturdays.Our program creates a various perspectives and miscellaneous experiences by our up-to-date developed curriculum to create cutting-edge leaders. With the intensive theoretical yet practically oriented content, suitable for men and women who seek the skills to drive the changes and cope with the upcoming challenges.Work and learn from the wealth of academic knowledge and experience of our school members. Our academia came from all over the world, graduated from top universities and have experience of working with public and private sectors. Fulfil opportunities and broaden perspectives with numerous special guests and lecturers from the real businesses.moving your business into the digital age by these following digital courses such asDigital MarketingCreativity and Innovation in New Product ManagementDigital Brand communication in MarketingStudy in a creative learning environment at Bangkok University. Our main campus is spacious with fully-equipped facilities. 
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Apply online here

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Application Documents

1) A completed online application form
2) A copy of the official transcript
3) A copy of ID / Passport
4) Letter (s) of recommendation on work experience (if any)
5)  English-language proficiency test score report:  (result is valid for 2 years)

TOEFL minimum score of 550 (PBT) or 213 (CBT) or  60 (iBT) or

IELTS: 6.0 across each band or 

Duolingo English Test (DET) : 100 in all subscore 

Any applicant who has not obtained/submitted the specified English-language Proficiency Test Score is required to pass Bangkok University- English Proficiency Test  (BU-EPT).  Applicants can take the  BU-EPT test at the  Admissions Office,  A8, 2nd Floor, Main Campus.


Admissions Criteria

1) Oral Entrance Examination* (Oversea Applicants, online interview or teleconference may also be required by the Committee for more
2) International Programs, applicants are required to have proficient command of English skills*, equivalent to: TOEFL 550 PBT (CBT: 213, IBT: 60) / IELTS: 6.0 across each band / Duolingo English Test (DET) :100 in all subscore
3) Applicants should have a statement of purpose/ an essay describing the applicant’s goal in applying to the program*

4) Students admitted to study in the international program or English program at the graduate degree level who have not met the qualification requirement for the English-language Proficiency Test Score as specified by the University are required to register in English Preparation for Graduation Studies and pass an assessment.  If failed, the students must retake the course and pass the assessment. The University reserves the rights not to grant approval for graduation to the students who have not passed the assessment for  English Preparation for Graduate Studies.

* Admission of applicants will be based on the results of English Proficiency test, an interview, the candidates’ experience & achievements.
Announcement of the Examination Results (Prepare your Exam Code)

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1. Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution, either domestic or international, recognized by the Office of the Higher Education Commission.

2. If the applicant lacks fundamental knowledge in the chosen field of study, the Graduate School Committee may require additional foundational courses as deemed necessary. The applicant must pass the examinations for these foundational courses before commencing the master's program. The credits earned for these foundational courses will not be counted towards the total credits required for the master's degree.

You can inquire about Master's degree details or request additional information at:

Bangkok University Main Campus

Admissions Office, Building A8, 2nd Floor 9/1 Moo 5, Phaholyothin Road, Tambon Klong Neung, Amphoe Klong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120

Tel: (+66) 2-407-3888 (Press 1)