School of Business Administration Marketing
Marketing has become crucial for every organization and business in order to make their products and services get noticed, appeal to target groups and sell effectively. A skilled marketer can be invaluable to a company and always in demand.The Marketing Department at Bangkok University focuses on learning, understanding, and developing analytical skills along with creative marketing strategies. It also covers the importance of consumer behavior, market research, product management, pricing, distribution, and marketing promotion. Furthermore, the program focuses on future global business trends and marketing innovations referred to as technology for humanity or, more commonly, Marketing 5.0.Instruction is conducted by a team of professionals, along with experts from various industries and organizations, using practically oriented courses and real-life challenges for students.Whether it's working in marketing planning, business development and sales, or brand and product management, a Marketing degree from Bangkok University will help you develop the necessary professional skills and confidence to thrive as a marketing professional. 
School of Business Administration Finance
The ability to successfully manage finances is one of the most sought-after talents in business. Regardless of what industry or country you are in, an understanding of topics such as risk management, investment strategies, and financial management will benefit your personal life and make you a more attractive prospect in the job market.Finance is generally considered a specialized discipline of how an individual or a company manages its funds. Elements of accounting and business are included in the Bangkok University’s Finance degree to help give you a broader understanding of the way that money influences people and places.The Finance program’s curriculum includes analyzing trends in the financial market, assessing and planning for a company or individual's long-term financial health, structure and management of financial institutions and stock exchanges, investment principles, understanding financial instruments and management.The Finance program also provides opportunities for students to engage in practical hands-on learning and pursue the Investment Consultant exam while networking with successful alumni working in both the public and private sectors. 
School of Business Administration Management
A successful business requires executives with a broad and far-reaching vision and a degree in management will give students an understanding of topics relating to operations, finance, organization, employees, economics and marketing.A Management degree from Bangkok University offers students the opportunity to learn these aspects of business management through courses which include systematic thinking and comprehensive knowledge of business, resource and risk management, principles of communication and negotiation, financial systems and information design. You will also learn data analysis, HRM (Human Resource Management) and have practical learning opportunities from experts in various business sectors, such as the Krung Thai Bank, Central Group and Thaibev.An assortment of elective courses are offered to help students further specialize their skills and focus. Electives include Data/Digital Business Management, E-Commerce, Strategic Management and Change, and Effective Work Systems and People Management. Aside from the courses, our program provides activities to nurture students and prepare them for rewarding careers. This includes opportunities to learn through participating in various project competitions and internships in well-known organizations nationwide.Whether your career aspirations are aimed at administration, consultancy or e-commerce, a degree in marketing can get you there and it can be completed in three and a half yearsThe world of professional management awaits you at Bangkok University, become part of it.  
School of Business Administration International Business Management
With the expansion of the global economy comes the need for flexibility and adaptability in commerce, industry, and trade.A degree in International Business Management is designed to meet these needs through a practicum-based approach. With the use of case studies, students will analyze and solve problems using real-world situations. Aside from the featured situations, the international business characteristics of Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and African countries will be explored in a way to highlight the challenges, differences, and similarities experienced in an interconnected economy.Coupled with understanding the international business landscape , enhancing English and digital skills is emphasized to develop further the professional background needed in an international business setting. 
School of Business Administration Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Bangkok University recognizes the importance of logistics management as a discipline that enhances the competitiveness of businesses and serves as a crucial mechanism for achieving success. Therefore, we have designed a curriculum that allows students to learn and understand various aspects of logistics systems comprehensively. This includes analysis and planning in logistics management and strategies for managing logistics in different organizations. The knowledge gained can be applied to various leadership and organizational tasks, ranging from designing transportation systems, managing inventory, to efficiently distributing products to consumers.Our program gives the opportunity to students to choose their own path by dividing into two groups: Logistics Management for the service industry and Innovation and Technology Management for the logistics industry. The curriculum is designed to meet market demands and prepares students for the workforce. This includes training and workshops to enhance their readiness, such as specialized guidance from logistics experts, as well as language preparation, particularly in English communication.Besides the opportunity to intern with leading organizations and experience real business challenges, we also have an OSP (On-Site Project) program that selects students who are ready to learn in an intensive curriculum. We prepare students for certification in logistics, such as a professional certification from the TACBA Association. Furthermore, we offer a modern logistics management course that incorporates technologies such as AI and Big Data. Students  even have the opportunity to complete their studies in only three and a half years, allowing them to get into the workforce quicker! 
School of Business Administration Digital Marketing
 Thailand's No. 1 Digital Marketing program The digital era has arrived and its influence is widespread in the industrial, retail and technological world.These changes require marketing professionals to adapt to the new demands of the industry in a manner never seen before.  The Digital Marketing program aims to provide students with the latest knowledge and skills in the field, ranging from economic theories to investment principles applicable to a wide range of industries. The learning environment is practicum based and fosters student participation, discussions and idea generation guided by experienced professors, renowned guest speakers, and well-known digital agencies.Students have the opportunity to do paid internships, study theoretical concepts alongside practical work with leading companies starting in the first year. Furthermore, you can develop individual skills through practical activities, projects and through collaborations with the business sector and top-tier private companies. Working on genuine business challenges will allow students to experience and develop their own capabilities which in turn can help develop the business industry, help reach target audiences and achieve more aggressive business success.With a program supported by studies in English, finance, accounting and E-Commerce the pathway is laid to be a driving force in the future of the business sector. 
School of Business Administration International Business Management
China is currently experiencing tremendous economic growth and is on the verge of becoming the world's largest economy. Doing business in the Chinese market is an opportunity that should not be missed, and earning an International Business (Chinese) degree will help embrace the opportunities for growth in the Chinese business environment.This program promotes students' understanding of every step involved in business operations, from import and export channels in China to economic data analysis and identifying new opportunities in the Chinese market. It emphasizes the latest innovations in Chinese business and trade technologies, as well as investment in China. Additionally, it enhances students' Chinese language skills for business negotiations and trade culture.The International Business (Chinese) program is supported by a team of experienced business professors who provide close guidance and advice. It also includes extracurricular learning activities, practical projects, and special programs with international Chinese students. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to gain real-world business experience in China, preparing them to embark on successful professional paths, whether as entrepreneurs or employees in Chinese organizations. It is also possible to complete this degree in three and a half years.Whether your interests lie in strategic planning, marketing, procurement, business development, or entrepreneurship, you can be confident that after graduation, you will be ready to begin your professional career with professionalism and confidence. 
School of Business Administration Financial and Investment Planning
As the first bachelor's degree program certified by the Thai Financial Planners Association, Bangkok University has set the standard for professional quality instruction.Financial and investment planning are essential at both the business and personal levels in order to maintain monetary health and prepare for potential risks in the future. This ability makes the profession of financial planner to be in high demand across a wide variety of industries.In the Financial and Investment Planning program, you will learn a range of professional skill sets including the development and analysis of financial, investment, business, insurance, tax and retirement planning. Principles of investment, monetary and fiscal policies from the individual to global level are studied in-depth as well.After graduation, students can immediately take the examination for the certified financial planner (CFP) which is internationally recognized. Graduates have worked in a number of positions including as financial planners (CFP), securities analysts (CFA), investment advisors (IC), fund managers (Fund Manager), financial planners (CFP), investment bankers (IB), investment analysts s(IA), investors and financial risk analysts.  
School of Business Administration Digital Marketing (Digital Entrepreneur & Brand Influencer)
This is the branch of Digital Marketing focused on digital business owners and influencer brand building.This is the era where social media has a significant influence on society worldwide. Making it necessary for businesses to seek marketers who can communicate with consumers on online platforms.The Digital Marketing program emphasizes a curriculum that allows students to learn the skills of communication and marketing in a practical professional manner. From creating digital businesses, strategic planning, data analysis, communication techniques, customer management, to digital media creation, through 10 core courses, such as Digital Media Production Workshop, Personality & Performance Acting Development, Celebrity & Influencer Branding, E-Logistics & SCM in Digital Business, Predictive Marketing & Marketing Automation helps ensure a well rounded and current foundation.The curriculum is enriched with special projects, real world activities, and practical training in the DMK LAB. Students learn about digital businesses, gaining hands-on experience in Live Streaming Commerce, Social Commerce, E-Marketplace, and more. Expert professors and industry professionals teach the courses, supplemented by Master Classes with top-notch influencers. Collaborations with digital agencies and industry partners prepare students for real internships.We develop marketers who excel in creating success for businesses globally. Our graduates pursue diverse professions, including Solo Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers, Performance Marketing & Brand Influencers, Customer Experience & Customer Success Executives, and creative roles like Graphic & Digital Marketing Communication Designers. 
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