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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular undergraduate degree program that focuses on various aspects of business management and administration. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, practices, and functions. The strength of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree lies in its versatility and applicability across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Our program offers a unique opportunity to acquire practical business knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional lectures. With a focus on strategic thinking and networking with peers from around the world, our program cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit in our students.

The BBA program typically covers a wide range of subjects related to business, including:

  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business Management 
  • Data Science for Business
  • Finance and Investment

Why study this field?

Variety of Special Interests

Digital Marketing, International Business Management, Data Science, Finance and Investment

Project-Based Learning

Focuses on student centered learning through the completion of projects. emphasis on students actively engaging in real-world, hands-on projects that are relevant to their interests and learning goals.

Dual and Double Degree Opportunities

Students need to take a combination of courses from both disciplines, as well as fulfill the requirements. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded two degrees.

Internship and Job Opportunities

Internships are designed to help individuals bridge the gap between their academic education and real-world professional experience. They offer a chance to apply theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms to actual work situations.

Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bangkok University International
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Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

Marketing-related International careers

  • Online marketing manager, Social media manager, International business analyst, Market researcher manager

International Business-related related careers

  • Global business manager, International business analyst

Data Science-careers

  • Data analyst, Marketing analyst

Finance & Investment-related careers

  • Banker, Investor, Financial analyst, Securities analysts

Skills and Competencies for Business Administration

Business Administration

  • Strategic Thinking, Operation Management

Digital Marketing

  • Branding, Customer Relationship and Engagement

International Business and Innovation 

  • Global Business Strategy

Finance & Investment

  • Tax and Estate Planning

Data Science, Machine Learning Business and forecast

  • Statistical Techniques

Business Communication & Negotiation

  • Cross Cultural Competence
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Featured Subjects
Digital Marketing
- Data Management in Digital Marketing
- Modern Marketing Channel and E-Commerce
- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Digital Marketing Content and Design
- Product and Brand Management in Digital Platform
- Practical Training in Digital Marketing

International Business Management
- Consumer Behavior in Global Market
- International Business and Innovation
- Developing an International Business Plan
- Cross Culture Communication
- Global Business and Innovation
- Practical Training in International Business

Financial and Investment
- Financial Risk Management
- Financial Technology & Securities
- Principle of Investment
- Analysis and Planning of Investment Projects
- Financial Analyst for Organizations
- Practical Training in Finance and Investment

Data Science for Business
- Machine Learning
- Data Management & Ethics
- Data Structures and Algorithms
- Current Issues in Data Science
- Practical Training in Data Science