School of Communication Arts Performing Arts
The Bangkok University (BU) Performing Arts program has produced many nationally recognized singers, actors, artists, directors, and production teams. If this sounds exciting to you, then check out what we have to offer!We cover every aspect of the entertainment industry. Theatrical performances, production creation, learning the roles of a director, screenwriter, designer, artist, performer, and behind-the-scenes work are all explored and practiced.Students will have the opportunity to participate in national and international productions plus fine tune skills in the BU Theater Company, a professional international theater company that performs licensed Broadway productions every year.Bangkok University's School of Communication Arts in Performing Arts provides students with the necessary equipment and rehearsal halls needed to develop the skills required in the world of entertainment.  A Black Box Theater laboratory is one such facility where international standard lighting and sound systems can be learned and practiced.Careers and opportunities in entertainment are continually diversifying but alumni have pursued careers in a variety of roles including acting, directing, musical performance, dance, script writing, scenography, international performing arts and theater for developmentAmazing facilities, practical experience and working with some of the best are all part of the journey in Bangkok University’s Performing Arts program. 
School of Communication Arts Creative Branding
A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.Consumers want more than just quality products. They want a meaning, belonging and image that matches their values and beliefs. One that caters to a lifestyle image whether it be humble or extravagant.Bangkok University's Bachelor of Communication Arts in Creative Branding program will help develop the skills necessary to understand and advance all stages of brand creation. Designing an identity, communication art, marketing strategy, elements of distinctiveness are all studied as they relate to the needs of various target groups using different approaches and platforms.Whether your goal is brand owner, identity designer, strategic planner, brand strategist, manager or communicator your future as a brand specialist can happen in the Communication Arts (Creative Branding) program. 
School of Communication Arts Digital Public Relations
Public relations basically refers to the management of how others think and feel about a person, product, or company. This process is vital in achieving success and developing a favorable reputation.By combining diplomatic finesse and captivating storytelling you can portray and share the intentions to individuals or groups for maximum effect.Attaining a Communication Arts degree in Digital Public Relations from Bangkok University equips individuals with essential skills such as analytical thinking, strategic planning, and proficient communication across a variety of online platforms. From which graduates can generate value and make significant contributions towards a company's stability, public image, and long-term growth.The range of career opportunities pursued by graduates spans a broad spectrum, including roles within government agencies, national corporations, content production, product reviewing, blogging, event organizing, celebrity management, and independent entrepreneurship.If the public or a group needs or wants to know, public relations is involved. 
School of Communication Arts Digital Advertising
Integrated Communication allows you to choose your area of interest. You'll experience learning by studying with seasoned professionals, including award-winning alumni and alumni who hold executive positions. The program emphasizes a Project-Based learning approach, incorporating real challenges from nationally recognized companies and learning from experienced and expert instructors. You'll also have the opportunity to learn from renowned adjunct professors from leading advertising agencies.Graduates of this program will acquire essential knowledge and skills required in today's job market and the future. You'll gain comprehensive expertise in marketing, deep data utilization, and technology. By focusing on Data Analytics, you'll be equipped to collect, interpret, and efficiently use data to create advertising strategies. This will enable you to pursue careers as digital advertisers, advertising managers, and potential creative professionals at a professional level.
School of Communication Arts Broadcasting and Streaming Media Production
The power of social media is that it creates change.Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Netflix, Disney+, and podcasts are now part of our interconnected daily lives. Online media and streaming have evolved to have a significant impact on people's perceptions, attitudes, and way of life. It is not surprising that many countries are promoting and supporting the growth of the media industry and organizations have begun to use these media more frequently creating growing employment opportunities.Students will learn to create programs and content based on their individual aptitudes and interests. Modern equipment is used to develop productions across a variety of channels, including television and streaming media. Data analysis skills, such as using Big data, are also studied to understand the process of creating quality media that can expand people's ideas, knowledge, and beliefs. 
School of Communication Arts Event Production and MICE Management
Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, sporting events, marathon events, and designing new experiences that attract and interact with people using various technologies is what a degree in Event Production and MICE Management is all about.Event management is a mixture of art and science that is critical to community and business expansion.  Bangkok University’s Event Production and MICE Management program recognizes the significance of the science and skills needed in shaping people's perceptions and experiences and has created a dynamic program to meet these goals.Students will learn to create professional-level events in a variety of situations. Courses include practical experiences where individuals create, design and manage real-world events and productions. Aside from classroom instruction with industry experts, specialized workshops are offered to ensure that current trends and information are addressed.Courses encompass a wide variety of topics and interests including the following:  Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Event Producer, Stage Manager, Strategic Event Planner, Account Executive, Sponsorship Sales, Creativity, Scriptwriter, Graphic Designer, Stage and Decoration Design, Exhibition Design, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Show Director, VDO Presentation Editor and Multimedia Designer.With the growing needs of the industry and the variety of courses offered, a degree in Event Production and Mice Management is certain to offer exciting and interesting career opportunities. 
School of Communication Arts Creative Content Production and Digital Experience
In an era where communication has no borders, digital technology has become a vital tool for accessing information and connecting. As a result, tech-savvy communicators have numerous opportunities as industries expand into the digital landscape. Digital communication needs to be creative and have a message or story to be most effective and this is where a degree in Creative Content Production and Digital Experience will give the edge.Images, light, color and sound are taught in a style to help immersive students in the use of  technology to create content and digital experiences. Students' imagination will have few limits when it comes to studying and creating virtual environments (AR VR and Projection Mapping) and using Interactive Media.Individuals will be able to design storytelling and visual creations  which can be used in a variety of venues such as event presentations, performing arts, art exhibitions, museums, trade shows, entertainment businesses and marketing activities.Our curriculum integrates cutting-edge technology with a practical creative process to create innovative and immersive experiences. Bangkok University emphasizes learning through a hands-on approach that bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds to help your ideas and skills become reality. 
School of Communication Arts Influencer Branding
Do you want to be heard and influence?In a world where so many have access to media, Bangkok University recognizes the opportunities and significance of influencers and has created the Influencer Branding program in the School of Communication Arts.  This degree focuses on creating a digital identity and online media strategies. Being successful on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok and creating blogs or vlogs are all explored and practiced in state of the art facilities. Students will also be able to analyze marketing and brand creation approaches to design content that meets the current interests and needs of target groups.Be the voice of change, be an influencer. 
School of Communication Arts Digital Communication and Media
Academic Year 2024 CurriculumOur program focuses on digital communication and media industries, learning to effectively utilize new media and technology for communication. Combines creative thinking to create new media, developing students' abilities to apply consumer data and create efficient and measurable communication. Collaborates with leading industry partners such as top agencies, Wisesight, Tellscore, the Advertising Association of Thailand, the Media Agency Association, and many more.Enhances understanding of target audiences and strategic communication planning using globally standardized Digital Tools. Additionally, there are projects in collaboration with various brands to provide students with practical experience in the fields of media and advertising. 

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