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Marketing seeks to take a product or service, identify its ideal customers, and draw the customers' focus to the product or service. Being seen is critical for all businesses, and at BU International, we mix the latest technology with a hands-on approach to develop your unique skills and meet the needs of marketing in today’s and tomorrow's environments.

A BU International degree in Marketing will explore topics such as E-Marketing Research, E-commerce Marketing, Digital Marketing, Progressive Marketing, Customer Engagement and Sales, E-CRM and Strategy, Social Media, and Online Reputation. Students will also gain knowledge of and practice the skills necessary to conduct professional-level customer research, market research, and data analytics.

Within the Marketing program, you will continuously align with global business trends and acquire the necessary expertise to thrive in marketing-related organizations of any scale or nature.

Additionally, we are a pioneering university in the use of MarTech, a cutting-edge platform that helps create, communicate, execute, and optimize marketing for products and services. 

Why study this field?

  • Discover the magic of marketing with our multinational experienced faculty and put your talent to the test in real-world projects
  • Learn to develop global marketing strategies based on real consumer insights to provide a strong foundation for any venture
  • Enjoy a dynamic learning environment with international industry experts as your mentors
  • Apply your skills to real cases to ensure you are ready to succeed
  • Connect with our corporate partners and benefit from the professional marketing community
  • Content and knowledge are up to the trend of business which are able to apply in offline, online and omni channels
  • Develop the knowledge to become a strategic marketing planner, a creative thinker, and a real-world practitioner exposed to the dynamics of marketing technology (MarTech)
Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
Bangkok University International
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พี่อัส #Usnttr พาทัวร์ ม.กรุงเทพ | ย้อนวันวานสมัยเรียน

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Job Opportunities
What Career Paths Await
Job Opportunities
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Strategic Planner
  • Marketing Research
  • Omni Marketing
  • Product Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketer
  • Sales Executives
  • Advertising Manager
  • Account Executive
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Featured Subjects
Consumer and Trends
- Fashion Marketing
- Luxury and Retail Marketing
- Psychology and Neuro Marketing
- Marketing for Sustainability
ASEAN + China
- Business Development and Trends in China
- Business Development and Trends in ASEAN
AI and ML
- Application for Database Marketing
- 1.Web3 and Decentralized Marketing
- E-sports Marketing
Modern Marketing
- Modern Marketing Channels and E-Commerce
- Modern Media and Creative Content
- Modern Customer Engagement and
- Modern Customer Relationship Management
- Sales Management and Technologies