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At BU International, we turn your dream of becoming a business owner into reality by nurturing your entrepreneurial mindset. 

Our program is designed to provide you with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required to embark on your entrepreneurial journey successfully. Whether you aspire to be a startup entrepreneur, a successor in a family-owned business, a business analyst, an investment analyst, a marketing professional, a business development expert, or pursue various other career paths, our curriculum is tailored to equip you with the skills needed for your future success.

Within our curriculum, you'll engage in workshops led by industry experts, ensuring you stay informed about dynamic business trends. Over the course of four years, you'll have the opportunity to interact with more than 100 professionals. Additionally, our partnership with Babson College, the world's foremost entrepreneurship institute, sets our program apart, guiding your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Why study this field?

  •  Learn from a curriculum developed from our partnership with Babson College (USA), the No.1 institution for entrepreneurship education. 
  •  Incubate your start-up and get the support needed for the future.
  • Prepare for the ever-changing global marketplace with our emphasis on risk management.
  • Develop a curriculum based on the concept of BABSON College.
  • The largest network of young business owners.
  • There is an ECOSYSTEM that supports various activities.
  • There is a center to promote and develop business owners (BCE)
  • We have business incubators which have both experts and mentors to share their real business experience to our students.
  • We have a research center for developing entrepreneurs in a digital era.
  • Practical-based Learning
  • Learning from practice. By letting students know how to find insights from real customers.
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills and mindset during four years
  • Meet over 100 experts throughout the course
  • Cooperate with The World's No.1 Entrepreneurship Institute “Babson College
Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Entrepreneurship
Bangkok University International
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Passion to possibilities at Bangkok University International
Passion to possibilities at Bangkok University International

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At Bangkok University International , I WILL.
Job Opportunities
What Career Paths Await
Job Opportunities
  • Start-up Entrepreneur 
  • Family-owned Company Successor
  • Business Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • First Line Manager 
  • Marketing Professional
  • Business Development Professional 
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Featured Subjects
Full of learning with courses that are packed with quality. To mold you to be the best of businessmen.

Course Highlight
Year 1 - Foundation of Entrepreneurship
Year 2 - Business Planning
Year 3 - Entrepreneurial Business Experience I and II
Year 4 - Entrepreneurial Venture Funding

- EPI104 New Product and Service development
- EPI153 New Business Venture Creation
- EPI303 Social Entrepreneurship
- EPI355 & EPI356 Entrepreneurial Business Experience I&II
- EPI353 Art of Selling and Negotiation
- EPI401 Business Strategy and Sustainable Growth
- EPI402 Entrepreneurship and Global Opportunities
- EPI454 Family Business
- EPI403 Human Capital Management for Entrepreneurs