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Experience a world of culinary possibilities through the Culinary Arts and Design program at at BU International.. Whether your culinary aspirations lead you towards styling, consulting, specializing, becoming a media personality, or owning your food business, our program seamlessly blends the essential ingredients to create something truly extraordinary.

At at BU International, we stand ready to equip you with fundamental culinary skills, encompassing kitchen operations, knife mastery, cooking techniques, culinary nutrition, and the art of food styling. Our cutting-edge facilities add further value to your culinary journey, enabling you not just to follow recipes but to craft unique dishes by applying your design skills, thus creating new dining experiences.

Our facilities and equipment are thoughtfully designed to replicate the professional food service industry, ensuring you are well-prepared for your culinary journey.

Even if you've never tried your hand in the kitchen before, there's no need to worry. 'The Kitchen' awaits, where our instructors walk you through every cooking step with large-screen demonstrations before you try it yourself.

For those whose passion lies in cakes, pies, and eclairs, our 'Patisserie Lab' is the perfect haven. This fully-equipped space caters to aspiring pastry chefs and bakery enthusiasts, featuring modern equipment to hone your skills.

International and Thai dishes are taught and practiced in our “Culinary Lab” which is equipped with the latest equipment and ingredients allowing a wide range of regional and international dishes to be created. Additionally, we offer masterclasses led by international guest chefs, unveiling culinary techniques from around the world. Engage in workshops with celebrity chefs, pose questions, and you may even find yourself on one of their cooking shows.

Why study this field? 

  • Possibility to graduate in 3.5 years 
  • Learning all about the food service industry, core courses focus on culinary & design skills, service management and English communication abilities
  • Courses are project based so you not only learn how to create, you actually make and then taste your own “masterpieces”
  • Specialize interests through electives in select international cuisine, cake decoration, advanced baking and patisserie or beverage specialization including wine, mixology or coffee & tea making
  • Aside from culinary and management skills you can also learn about product identity and branding, food product design and future food sources
  • Modern and fully equipped kitchen labs 
  • Specialized workshops by leading experts are given that demonstrate the latest and greatest in the food industry
  • Flexible internship programs which can have you studying locally or internationally
  • Double Degree Program with Culinary Arts Academy (CAAS), Switzerland 
Degree Title
Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Design
Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Design
Bangkok University International
Culinary Arts and Design
Culinary Arts and Design
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Communicate with the world at Bangkok University International
Communicate with the world at Bangkok University International

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Job Opportunities
What Career Paths Await
Job Opportunities
  • Chef
  • Boutique Chef
  • Food Stylist and Designer 
  • Food Consultant
  • Cooking Show Host
  • Cooking Instructor 
  • Food Service System Designer
  • Eating Designer
  • Food Blogger
  • Food Columnist
  • Food Consultant
  • Food and Beverage Entrepreneur
  • Caterer
  • Educator
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Featured Subjects
Culinary Arts and Design
- Food Safety and Sanitation
- Culinary Essentials
- Basic Culinary Skills
Service Management
- Food Service Industry
- Food Business Management
- F&B Services
- Digital Marketing
- Basic Design Skills
- Communications
- English: Food Service Industry
- English: Food Service Professionals