Collaborate with Leading Organizations Locally and Internationally

China's significance in terms of its economy, history, and culture is widely acknowledged. In today's global landscape, mastery of the Chinese language holds exceptional value.

Bangkok University's International Chinese Program takes language proficiency to new heights across all four language dimensions, aligning with the globally recognized Chinese Language Proficiency Standards (HSK). Our curriculum not only strengthens language skills but also integrates this knowledge  into real world sectors including business, tourism, and hospitality. The program aims to foster effective cross-cultural communication between Thai and Chinese contexts, boasting unique strengths:

  • Accelerated completion within 3.5 years.
  • Customized preparatory courses for learners without prior Chinese language exposure.
  • Integration of internationally benchmarked teaching methodologies and resources from the People's Republic of China.
  • A systematic approach to honing language skills, assessed against the global HSK standard.
  • Emphasis on professional excellence through strategic partnerships on domestic and international fronts.
  • Exposure to hands-on industry experiences via internship collaborations with leading organizations.
  • Cultural immersion and linguistic enhancement opportunities within both Thai and Chinese communities.
  • The flexibility to choose between two distinct bachelor's degree options.

Our program welcomes beginners and empowers them to excel in listening, speaking, reading, and writing according to the global HSK standard. Our dedicated Chinese and Thai instructors offer valuable guidance, and those with prior experience can jump into the HSK exam from level 3.

Explore Chinese language's allure with Bangkok University's International Chinese Program. Master linguistics and culture while opening a world of possibilities.

Learn Chinese in more ways than just China, meet the needs of learners, and prepare for the future in China's new era.

Language Foundation Course Available

We offer courses for students interested in learning Chinese, regardless of prior experience. Bangkok University provides foundational courses for all levels, covering all four aspects of language development and aligning with international Chinese language proficiency standards (HSK).
Learn Real Business Insights from Industry Experts

The International Chinese program collaborates with industry leaders, offering language and cultural projects, study tours in China, sector collaborations, business-focused learning initiatives, and guest speakers from Southeast Asia and China. This provides students with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge.
Collaborative Curriculum with Chinese University

We offer a special program for studying at universities in China, where students can earn a bachelor's degree from Bangkok University and a Chinese language proficiency certificate.
Specialized Chinese Language Studies

Our program offers specialized tracks in China-International Trade, China Digital Marketing, and the Travel Industry. Students develop foundational language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, along with English and general studies. The focus shifts to advanced Chinese language and business-related content in the third and fourth years.
Graduate within 3.5 years

Our program is designed for completion in 3.5 years, allowing for internships during studies. This provides an income opportunity and valuable real-world work experience.
Enhance Career with Chinese Language

Extracurricular activities and courses will be conducted in Chinese. The curriculum includes cultural, economic, social, and consumer behavior studies related to China. This prepares students for future employment and includes a language and field trip program to China for experiential learning.
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Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Bachelor’s Degree
Business Chinese
No Chinese Language Proficiency RequiredChina is a major country in terms of economics, history, and culture. It is therefore an essential knowledge in the world today. The Chinese Business Program enhances Chinese language proficiency in all four areas in accordance with the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test Standards for students. This is done by strengthening specialized Chinese language skills, supplemented by practical projects that combine knowledge from the private sector, including business, marketing, tourism, and other related industries. The program aims to produce personnel who are proficient in communicating between Thai and Chinese cultures.Students can select a double degree program to study in China with partner universities, where they can study for one semester or two years and obtain two degrees, or they can choose to study at Bangkok University for the duration of the program.Why study this major?Learn all dimensions of China, both broadly and deeply.Choose the track according to your interests in all areas: China-International Trade, China Digital Marketing or Travel Industry.Basic Chinese language proficiency course for those with no foundation.Enhance Chinese language skills for business negotiations and trade culture.Collaboration with Chinese government-private sector agencies that support international trade and product distribution channels.Collaboration with the Chinese Business Association, more job opportunities.Instructors who are experts in Chinese business from reputable partner companies.Learn through project-based learning with top industry partners.Focus on modern Chinese business innovation and trade and investment technology with China.Various project activities and special projects.Learn and work with Chinese friends.Collaboration with prestigious universities in China.Opportunity to intern during study.Can graduate within 3.5 years.Additionally, our program can be taken without prior Chinese language proficiency. We will provide foundation courses before the start of the actual program. Those with no prior foundation will learn all four areas of Chinese language proficiency, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in accordance with the levels according to the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test Standards from Chinese and Thai teachers. There will be a Thai advisor starting from the first year. For those who already have a basic knowledge of Chinese, they can submit the results of the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test at level 3 or higher without having to take the foundation course.
Year Tuition
4 Years
Semester 1/1
(June – July)
28,630 THB
Total Tuition Fees
364,630 THB
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Open House BU Metaverse 2022 : หลักสูตรนานาชาติจีน
Open House BU Metaverse 2022 : หลักสูตรนานาชาติจีน

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Bangkok University Chinese International
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.