School of Humanities and Tourism Management English
English continues to be highly sought-after and consistently holds significant value for its global use in the business, travel, hospitality and tourism industries.The English Language Program at Bangkok University offers a dynamic curriculum that caters to current and future job requirements. Students can tailor their learning path, focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and professional English skills relevant to diverse careers. They engage in real-world translation challenges, enrich their understanding of literature and linguistics, and may even gain international internship opportunities. Students can also specialize in their areas of interest and select elective courses specifically focused on elements of the tourism and hospitality industry.Additionally, the English Language Program at Bangkok University presents a unique collaborative project with the School of Humanities and Tourism Management and the School of Communication Arts. This initiative enables English Language students to strengthen their public relations skills right from their first year, combining English language proficiency with the art of influencing and personal branding.Moreover, the English Language Program at Bangkok University has special collaborations with the School of Humanities and Tourism Management, as well as the School of Communication Arts. These collaborations provide opportunities for English Language students to enhance their skills in public relations from the first year onwards, incorporating skills in influencer marketing and personal branding. By combining English language proficiency with expertise in communication arts, students can explore new knowledge and develop themselves.English language, being the global language, opens doors to various perspectives in life and is a timeless knowledge that continues to evolve. Explore the world and develop yourself by studying English at the English Language Program of Bangkok University. 
School of Humanities and Tourism Management Hotel Management
The hotel industry is an exciting and dynamic field, characterized by professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. It is a world of competitive creativity, where hotels and related industries offer endless opportunities for exploration and steady growth.Immerse yourself in Bangkok University's School of Humanities and Tourism Management. Our Hotel Management program offers hands-on learning in practical labs, including rooms, bed-making, flower arrangements, kitchens, patisseries, cafes, and more. Enjoy field trips and study tours for a real-world experience. Opportunities for language study and hotel internships abroad can further develop professional skills and personal attributes. There are four areas of specialization::1. Food & Beverage 2. Wellness & Spa 3. Entrepreneur 4. Banquet & CateringWe also offer the opportunity for students to choose a third language of interest (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) and partake in the 3+1 program. This program allows students to be part of an international study opportunity, with three years of study at Bangkok University and one additional year in Switzerland. Graduates will receive two degrees, one from Bangkok University and the other from IMI International Management Institute Switzerland! 
School of Humanities and Tourism Management Airline Business Management
Aviation business is an exciting and multifaceted profession that caters to all aspects of aviation.Our program is specifically designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in the airline business.Our extensive curriculum allows students to learn from seasoned faculty members who have backgrounds in prominent airlines, both locally and internationally. The program covers diverse subjects, including passenger services, marketing management, cargo transportation, airport management, technology, and foreign language skills. Practical experiences are gained through computer labs and simulated environments like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner simulator and The Terminal passenger simulation.In addition, students have the flexibility to shape their career paths through personalized study tracks. They also have the option of choosing the Fast Track program, completing their studies in 3 years with faculty guidance and planning.Our Aviation Business Management program at Bangkok University empowers students to comprehend the heart of service and the art of crafting truly remarkable travel experiences for people. Whether it's ground passenger service, in-flight passenger service, or aircraft handling, our students excel in delivering authentic and unforgettable journeys. 
School of Humanities and Tourism Management Tourism and Cruise Management
The Tourism and Cruise Management program plays a vital role in the economy, impacting both the country and the global market. At Bangkok University's School of Humanities and Tourism Management, our curriculum emphasizes creative-focused learning, encompassing diverse sectors of the tourism industry, such as Tourism, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), Wellness, and Cruise Management.Immerse yourself in our comprehensive curriculum that encompasses every facet of tourism business management, offering both theoretical and practical courses led by experienced faculty members. Choose from four specialized groups: Tourism, MICE, Wellness, and Cruise Management.Additionally, students have the option to select from six foreign language groups, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French. We place a strong emphasis on practical training through BU Travel, providing students with hands-on experiences in tour organizing, hotel booking, and actual travel arrangements.We also have a Tourism Management and Communication Arts (TMCA) program in partnership with the School of Communication Arts, enabling students to pursue careers as Online Content Creators. Moreover, we offer internship opportunities and cooperative education programs for practical experience.These opportunities enable students to step confidently into a range of professions within this field, such as:Travel enthusiasts:Travel agency ownersTour operator business ownersOther related businesses, such as transportation services, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shopsTour leaders and guidesMarketing professionals and tourism development plannersEmployees in travel agencies or tour representative companiesEmployees in government and private organizations related to tourism, such as the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA)Careers in Cruise Management:Food and beverage service staff on cruise shipsBanquet and restaurant service staff on cruise shipsAccommodation service staff on cruise shipsBar and beverage service staff on cruise shipsSales staff for onboard souvenir shopsCareers in Wellness:Health-focused food and beverage managersRecreational leaders for wellness tourism activitiesTour guides specializing in wellness tourismEmployees in businesses related to wellness tourismMICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) Careers:Professional convention organizers (PCOs)Event project plannersExhibition and trade show organizers (PCOs)Business owners in the exhibition and conference industryEmployees in government and private organizations involved in exhibitions and conferences at both national and international levels, such as the Office of Convention and Exhibition, and international promotion associationsFor those who have completed an advanced vocational certificate (Vocational Certificate Level 5) in Tourism Business Management, you can complete a degree in Tourism and Cruise Management in 2 years by transferring credits from the certificate. 

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After successfully applying and completing the registration, you can start classes in June This registration is for the 1/1 semester, consisting of approximately 2-3 courses.

Registration for payment of the 1/2 semester fee will take place in August, covering an additional 4 courses.

If you apply for admission between May and July, classes will commence in August, and you will study and pay for the entire semester, consisting of 6-7 courses.

Following that, for the 2nd semester (starting in January), the semester fee will be based on the registration process.

1. Copy of house registration - 1 copy

2. Copy of ID card - 1 copy

3. Copy of educational documents - 1 copy

Travel Information

  • Bus Routes: 34, 39, 59, 95ก., ปอ.510, ปอ.520, ปอ.29, ปอ.39, รถ บขส. (Northern and Northeastern routes)
  • Get off at Chatuchak Station and transfer to a minivan at the parking lot opposite Chatuchak.
  • BUS Route: ต.85 (Victory Monument - Bangkok University - Rangsit)

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Documents for New Student Registration

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  • Payment Receipt (if applicable)

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If not convenient, you can dress formally, and the university provides photo editing services.

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Preparatory English Course – An Intensive English Language Program designed to enhance English language skills and prepare for enrollment in international programs. More details at

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