Business English

Whether you love language, management or digital communication, a Business English degree from Bangkok University International will help you thrive.

Aside from exploring the language used in business, global investment and international trade, you can specialize in numerous industries to help with your career advancement. Electives include human resource management, mass communication and legal work plus options to refine communication skills in the airline, travel, hospitality, medical and food industries.

Management skills and studies in data visualization are explored and used to further support the communication base and help graduates have an edge when entering the profession.

Graduates have found rewarding careers as

  • Country Manager

  • International Relations Director

  • Human Resources Professional

  • Customer Service Associate 

  • Translator and Interpreter 

  • Television Anchor or Presenter and Broadcaster 

  • Bilingual Analyst 

  • Writer and Editor

  • Language Trainer or Learning Facilitator

Discover endless possibilities in the global business world.
First term 66,830
Total Fees 505,530
Tuition fee for the academic year 2024


Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English

Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English

Bangkok University International

Business English

Business English

Degree plan Academic Year 2024


Curriculum Academic Year 2024


Scholarship available.



  • M.6 or Equivalent,
  • Vocational,
  • Diploma (Transferable)
Farida Waller
Nattaraht-Maurice Legrand