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Discover limitless opportunities with a Business English degree from at BU International.. Whether your passion lies in language, management, or digital communication, our program equips you for success.

You'll delve into the language of business, global investment, and international trade. Our program not only focuses on language but also enhances management skills and delves into data visualization to provide you with a competitive edge in your chosen profession. Whether you aspire to excel in public relations, social media management, brand management, or even pursue a career as a speechwriter or songwriter, BU International's Business English Program empowers you to match your passion with your dream job.

We offer a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing internships, workshops, and hands-on projects, ensuring you develop essential business and communication skills. Whether your goal is entrepreneurship or a career in a multinational hospitality business, our diverse range of activities fosters critical and creative thinking, preparing you for success.

Why complete this degree?

  • Develop the English and intercultural skills needed in the international business environment.
  • Master the business fundamentals to maximize your entrepreneurial potential.
  • Benefit from the opportunities to practice authentic business practices.
  • Acquire the language, business, and intercultural competencies to help you succeed anywhere in the world.
  • Gain a multitude of skills including global and corporate English for communication skills, business skills, and digital skills
  • Local & Global Ecosystems: academic & business partners
  • Dynamic learning environment
  • Able to graduate in 3.5 years
  • Job opportunities in different types of businesses and in different countries
Degree Title
Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English
Bangkok University International
Business English
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At Bangkok University International , I WILL.

I believe that I can turn passion to a reality. With the robust support, state-of-the-art facilities, and guidance from industry experts at Bangkok University International, there’s no doubt I will.

I will gain real-life skills through hands-on experience.
I will creatively utilize cutting-edge technology.
My passion, fueled by these resources, will lead me to infinite possibilities.

Join this journey! I will empower the world.
at Bangkok University International, The Creative University. #IWILL
Job Opportunities
What Career Paths Await
Job Opportunities

With a BA in Business English, you will develop excellent written and oral communication skills, business management skills, and intercultural negotiation skills, which are all necessary for doing business worldwide.

The Business English program also provides you with the ability to think critically and analytically to develop creative solutions to problems and issues affecting business, making you an important asset to any company that hires you. 

International Affairs

  • Country Manager
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Embassy Officer

International Business Communication

  • Import-export Officer
  • Customer Relations
  • PR Specialist
  • Bilingual Analyst
  • HRD Team
  • Business Development Team
  • Content Writer
  • Airlines Officer

Language Training/Service

  • Writer/Editor
  • Teacher
  • Language Trainer or Education Facilitator
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Featured Subjects
Business English
Business Skills
- Managerial Competency
- Strategic Thinking Competency
- Global Economy and Investment
- Business Innovation Fundamentals

Communication Skills
- Communication Strategy in Business
- Storytelling for Business
- Content Creation for Marketing

Digital Skills
- Digital Competence in Business
- Data Analytics
- Introduction to Data Science