School of Engineering Computer and Robotics Engineering
Have you ever pondered the remarkable influence that robots and machinery have in shaping our world today?As computer technology plays an increasingly vital role in both work and daily life, many organizations need people with knowledge and expertise in developing and controlling technologies within their industries. The Computer and Robotics Engineering program at Bangkok University is fully equipped and eager to help you embrace this demand.Join us and acquire essential skills within the realm of computer engineering and robotics. Explore everything from the hardware and software of computer systems to the interconnected technologies involved in the evolution and construction of robots – encompassing areas like IoT, AI & machine learning, as well as the essential groundwork for Big Data. Furthermore, the program offers contemporary elective courses such as blockchain technology & cryptocurrency, cybersecurity & cloud service, real-time OS (3D sensing, mapping), robotics simulation, and collaborative robots. These options equip students to choose according to their passions, fostering specialized expertise for tangible real-world applications and ensuring they are well-prepared for professional engineering licensure examinations. 
School of Engineering Multimedia and Entertainment Engineering
In today's world, where multimedia is deeply embedded in everyday life, organizations are actively searching for skilled professionals who can innovate and enhance multimedia capabilities to match the rapidly changing lifestyles.The Department of Multimedia and Entertainment Engineering at Bangkok University provides a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the demands of modern careers. Our school consists of accomplished full-time professors and industry experts, pooling their extensive experience to offer students a thorough learning experience. This practical approach equips students with a solid understanding of multimedia design by blending engineering principles and programming skills.The program encompasses event production, concerts, CG & Animation plus the use of light, color, and sound to foster professional quality creations. Students will also enhance their programming abilities, delve into static and video imagery production, and gain insights into media content and services across diverse platforms.This program framework hones a skilled workforce equipped with in-demand expertise, poised to effectively tackle the evolving requirements of the current and future job market.Career possibilities for our accomplished graduates span from positions like technology inventor, production maker, and new media innovator, to roles demanding meticulous attention and operational engagement, such as software programmers,integration technology, and application programmers. Additionally, there are opportunities that fuse artistic creativity and imagination, including roles like iInteractive media, entertainment implementer computer, graphic technical supervisor, and technical animator, providing a diverse and expansive range of professional paths to explore. 
School of Accounting Accounting Program
Truth, balance and opportunities await you in the world of accounting.Accounting is more than just numbers. Bangkok University's Bachelor of Accounting program, provides professional training in the analyzing and presenting of financial information that is accurate, organized and skillfully interpreted. Learning modern programs, such as the Digital Accounting program, studying English and having the opportunity to do internships or cooperative education with leading organizations, including the BIG 4, will further help graduates be prepared to take the Professional Accounting Certification Examination and enter the workforce with confidence.Students who have graduated with a High Vocational Diploma (High Vocational Certificate) in accounting and have studied at Bangkok University's School of Accounting can graduate in two years.
School of Communication Arts Performing Arts
The Bangkok University (BU) Performing Arts program has produced many nationally recognized singers, actors, artists, directors, and production teams. If this sounds exciting to you, then check out what we have to offer!We cover every aspect of the entertainment industry. Theatrical performances, production creation, learning the roles of a director, screenwriter, designer, artist, performer, and behind-the-scenes work are all explored and practiced.Students will have the opportunity to participate in national and international productions plus fine tune skills in the BU Theater Company, a professional international theater company that performs licensed Broadway productions every year.Bangkok University's School of Communication Arts in Performing Arts provides students with the necessary equipment and rehearsal halls needed to develop the skills required in the world of entertainment.  A Black Box Theater laboratory is one such facility where international standard lighting and sound systems can be learned and practiced.Careers and opportunities in entertainment are continually diversifying but alumni have pursued careers in a variety of roles including acting, directing, musical performance, dance, script writing, scenography, international performing arts and theater for developmentAmazing facilities, practical experience and working with some of the best are all part of the journey in Bangkok University’s Performing Arts program. 
School of Entrepreneurship and Management Entrepreneurship
The Entrepreneurship program of BUSEM is the first institution in ASEAN that collaborates with Babson College in the United States, utilizing the curriculum and concepts of entrepreneurial education. Additionally, BUSEM partners with 34 universities worldwide as academic and entrepreneurship allies, ensuring our students gain knowledge and experiences from real-world business experts. Our comprehensive teaching approach covers topics related to products, services and start-ups, offering students valuable insights from industry professionals.Our program meets diverse needs from launching startups to advancing family ventures. BUSEM’s distinct curriculum offers project based learning guided by business owner instructors. Each academic year features extra activities such as interactions at the Business Center for Entrepreneurs (BCE), where students can exchange knowledge and experience with real business owners.We encourage pre-graduation business planning and startups with up to 100,000 baht for Thai citizen (interest-free) funding possible for student ventures. The BCE helps guide business efforts, while online avenues like marketplaces and social media are encouraged. BUSEM, Thailand's fashion hub, partners extensively and is the first Thai university to have a memorandum of understanding with Lazada for online innovation.BUSEM is your gateway to entrepreneurial mastery and creating a family legacy. 
School of Business Administration Marketing
Marketing has become crucial for every organization and business in order to make their products and services get noticed, appeal to target groups and sell effectively. A skilled marketer can be invaluable to a company and always in demand.The Marketing Department at Bangkok University focuses on learning, understanding, and developing analytical skills along with creative marketing strategies. It also covers the importance of consumer behavior, market research, product management, pricing, distribution, and marketing promotion. Furthermore, the program focuses on future global business trends and marketing innovations referred to as technology for humanity or, more commonly, Marketing 5.0.Instruction is conducted by a team of professionals, along with experts from various industries and organizations, using practically oriented courses and real-life challenges for students.Whether it's working in marketing planning, business development and sales, or brand and product management, a Marketing degree from Bangkok University will help you develop the necessary professional skills and confidence to thrive as a marketing professional. 
School of Business Administration Finance
The ability to successfully manage finances is one of the most sought-after talents in business. Regardless of what industry or country you are in, an understanding of topics such as risk management, investment strategies, and financial management will benefit your personal life and make you a more attractive prospect in the job market.Finance is generally considered a specialized discipline of how an individual or a company manages its funds. Elements of accounting and business are included in the Bangkok University’s Finance degree to help give you a broader understanding of the way that money influences people and places.The Finance program’s curriculum includes analyzing trends in the financial market, assessing and planning for a company or individual's long-term financial health, structure and management of financial institutions and stock exchanges, investment principles, understanding financial instruments and management.The Finance program also provides opportunities for students to engage in practical hands-on learning and pursue the Investment Consultant exam while networking with successful alumni working in both the public and private sectors. 
School of Business Administration Management
A successful business requires executives with a broad and far-reaching vision and a degree in management will give students an understanding of topics relating to operations, finance, organization, employees, economics and marketing.A Management degree from Bangkok University offers students the opportunity to learn these aspects of business management through courses which include systematic thinking and comprehensive knowledge of business, resource and risk management, principles of communication and negotiation, financial systems and information design. You will also learn data analysis, HRM (Human Resource Management) and have practical learning opportunities from experts in various business sectors, such as the Krung Thai Bank, Central Group and Thaibev.An assortment of elective courses are offered to help students further specialize their skills and focus. Electives include Data/Digital Business Management, E-Commerce, Strategic Management and Change, and Effective Work Systems and People Management. Aside from the courses, our program provides activities to nurture students and prepare them for rewarding careers. This includes opportunities to learn through participating in various project competitions and internships in well-known organizations nationwide.Whether your career aspirations are aimed at administration, consultancy or e-commerce, a degree in marketing can get you there and it can be completed in three and a half yearsThe world of professional management awaits you at Bangkok University, become part of it.  
School of Business Administration International Business Management
With the expansion of the global economy comes the need for flexibility and adaptability in commerce, industry, and trade.A degree in International Business Management is designed to meet these needs through a practicum-based approach. With the use of case studies, students will analyze and solve problems using real-world situations. Aside from the featured situations, the international business characteristics of Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and African countries will be explored in a way to highlight the challenges, differences, and similarities experienced in an interconnected economy.Coupled with understanding the international business landscape , enhancing English and digital skills is emphasized to develop further the professional background needed in an international business setting. 
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You can apply to Bangkok University through two convenient channels:

  1. Onsite Apply: Visit the Bangkok University Main Campus and complete the application process in person. Receive your student ID card on the same day!
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For Thai Programs

After successfully applying and completing the registration, you can start classes in June This registration is for the 1/1 semester, consisting of approximately 2-3 courses.

Registration for payment of the 1/2 semester fee will take place in August, covering an additional 4 courses.

If you apply for admission between May and July, classes will commence in August, and you will study and pay for the entire semester, consisting of 6-7 courses.

Following that, for the 2nd semester (starting in January), the semester fee will be based on the registration process.

1. Copy of house registration - 1 copy

2. Copy of ID card - 1 copy

3. Copy of educational documents - 1 copy

How to get to Bangkok University

Guide to using public transportation

Bus No. 39 / 510 / 520 to Rangsit 

Public van 

  • No. 85-93  (at Phayathai side near BTS Victory Monument)

Victory Monument - Rangsit 

  • No. 118-1 Mo Chit - Rangsit 
  • No. 1008 Future Park Rangsit - Rangsit 

BTS Skytrain (Green Line)

  • Victory Monument Station (Exit 3,4), and take public van No. 85-93 (Phayathai side)
  • Mo Chit Station (Exit 3,4), and take public van No.118-1 (Mo Chit - Rangsit) 
  • Yaek Kor Por Aor Station (Exit 1,3), and take bus No. 39, 520

MRT (Blue Line)
    Chatuchak Station (Exit 3,4), and take public van No.118-1 (Mo Chit - Rangsit)

SRT (Red Line) 
    Rangsit Station (Exit 3), and take minibus route Rangsit-Jarusorn

Online Application

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    Once accepted, you can pay tuition and register for the university online.
    Payment Methods:
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    - Internet banking

Documents for New Student Registration

  • Copy of Household Registration
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Copy of Educational Certificate
  • Payment Receipt (if applicable)

Dress in student attire and you can also get your student ID card on the same day.

If not convenient, you can dress formally, and the university provides photo editing services.

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We've got you covered with options for over 30 people, all reservable with just your student ID! Plus, support spaces throughout campus like the Common Lounge, Imagine Lounge, International Center, SAC Building, and Surat Osathanugrah Library offer even more options to find your perfect study vibe.

Invite your friends to unwind with post-study activities! BU provides sports facilities for students to relax, meet new friends from different faculties, and borrow sports equipment with just a student ID. Choose from various sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball, petanque, table tennis, and soccer!

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