Creative Communication Design

At the core of CCD lies our unwavering belief that no single mold fits all. We champion our students' journey of self-exploration, encouraging them to define their distinct design identity. 

Bridging communication theories with pioneering design practices, CCD crafts a holistic learning experience that positionsstudents at the forefront of the media landscape. Collaboratively designed with leading industry figures, our curriculum ensures that students remain attuned to the evolving trends in communication and design.

Benefit from the insights and mentorship of renowned educators and industry experts, each of whom brings a wealth of practicalexperience and knowledge to the table. Beyond traditional classroom learning, CCD offers a plethora of real-world experiences, from internships and workshops to meaningful collaborations with industry stakeholders.

  • The program develops advanced skills and technical competency in drawing, illustration, graphic design, color and computer applications.
  • Students become professionals in the field of design media arts using the latest technologies, tools and software in the most advanced computer lab.

Job Opportunities

  • Web Designer

  • Social Media Coordinator or Designer

  • Marketing Professional

  • Animation Designer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Digital Media Designer

Let your distinct design identity emerge.
First term 77,230
Total Fees 661,530
Tuition fee for the academic year 2024


Bachelor of Arts Program in Creative Communication Design

Bachelor of Arts Program in Creative Communication Design

Bangkok University International

Creative Communication Design

Creative Communication Design

Degree plan Academic Year 2024


Scholarship available.



  • M.6 or Equivalent,
  • Vocational,
  • Diploma (Transferable)