Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication (International Program)

 Master 's Degree

          The dynamics of economics, society, communication, technology, culture, and law in the midst of globalization not only influence the sociocultural environment but also the media contents and media consumption in all continents, transforming global customer’s behavioral orientation from mass consumption to individual consumption.

          Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication aims to develop you to the future “transformational leader,” who has a solid theoretical knowledge and insights in managing convergence of media and the multicultural and cross-cultural contents of media in the intercultural communication contexts. Understanding of communication research, cultural diversity, global advocacy will enable the future transformational leader to drive the global vision and missions on the global stage with strategic communication policies, mechanism, and initiatives.


Degree Title: Master of Communication Arts (Global Communication) Duration: 3 semesters (Thesis : 1-2 years) (Non-Thesis : 1 year)) Where: Bangkok University Main Campus