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Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication

The dynamics of economics, society, communication technology, culture, and law in the midst of globalization offer an opportunity amongst private sectors, public enterprises, and multinational corporations, and governmental institutions to create their ‘added value’ for the business in relation to the global leadership about certain public issues on the global stage. Creative Economy and AEC (ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY) Challenges identified by the Thai Government’s Agendas to be Thailand’s strategic national policies have extensively called the business community’s attention on borderless policy to drive the corporate vision and missions not only nationally but also globally. This free trade policy of Thailand and other ASEAN countries have inspired many corporate leaders to use their knowledge in global communication to excel the corporation’s global leadership based on their corporate competency and corporate vision.


The global dynamics not only influence the sociocultural environment but they also influence the media contents and media consumption in all continents, transforming global customer’s behavioral orientation from mass consumption to individual consumption. Many media conglomerates perceive that media convergence and creativity convergence are the strategic directions to serve the changing demands of views and consumers, hoping to create the optimum value and satisfaction amongst the targeted customers nationally and the global society at large. This transformation of media shift requires media conglomerates and corporate sectors’ understanding and insights on theoretical frameworks that can manage multicultural messages and global media with highest cost-effectiveness and values as measured by the corporate and multinational leaders in various intercultural communication setting contexts, while managing the changing expectation of the stakeholders about the global citizenship of the corporate sector and media conglomerates effectively. Meeting these global imperatives requires the leader’s vision to converge the whole world into one global village with knowledge about global communication, which is the composite knowledge and skills of today’s transformational leader. A transformational leader will certainly leverage the competitive edge of the corporation’s added value over other competitors, if he or she can manage convergence of media and multicultural media contents effectively and efficiently in the intercultural communication context, in the midst of global competition


Due to the demand for the transformational leader to empower the global communication policies, mechanism, and initiatives to leverage the competitive edges of corporate sector on the global stage, the Master degree of Communication in Global Communication aims to produce the future “transformational leader,” who has a solid theoretical knowledge and insights in managing convergence of media and the multicultural and cross-cultural contents of media in the intercultural communication contexts. Understanding of communication research, cultural diversity, global advocacy will enable the future leader to drive the global vision and missions that demonstrates corporate leadership in the global stage with strategic communication policies, mechanism, and initiatives. Our “future transformational leader” will empower the global positioning of the corporate sectors, media conglomerates, and state enterprises, by applying the framework of global communication to demonstrate the global leadership and vision, entrepreneurship spirit, communication management for change, with a high conscience for global citizenship and corporate social responsibility.


Career Opportunities

  1. Global Communication Manager / Global Corporate Communication Manager
  2. Regional Communication Manager)
  3. Academia / Researcher/ Strategic Policy Planner for Global Communication and Advocacy
  4. Global Marketing Communications Manager
  5. International Relations Manager
  6. Global Brand and Marketing Manager
  7. Global Campaign and Advertising Manager
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  9. Media Convergence Manager
  10. Crisis Communication Manager
  11. Information and Communication Manager
  12. Cultural Relations and Promotion Manager
  13. Advocacy Coordinator)/ International Negotiator/ International News Specialist/ Foreign Correspondence
  14. Global IMC Branding Consultant
  15. International Public Relations and Reputation Management Consultant
  16. MICE Manager
  17. Entrepreneurs of SMEs
Plan A Thesis 188,930 Baht
Plan B Non-Thesis 187,930 Baht


Master of Communication Arts (Global Communication)

นิเทศศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (การสื่อสารสากล)

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Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication

Master of Communication Arts Program in Global Communication

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