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Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications

School of Communication Arts — Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications

        The world is changing rapidly, in terms of economics, society, technology, and culture. Communication is essential to connect everything together and create understanding and acceptance. This is especially true for organizations, both public and private, that aim to create sustainable value for their businesses and build strong relationships with stakeholders. Strategic communication is therefore essential for driving organizations forward. If an organization has a strong strategic communication leader, it can easily achieve its goals.

       The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program at Bangkok University focuses on developing students to become strategic communicators who can effectively drive organizations forward. The curriculum is designed to be aligned with global trends in economics, society, and culture. It is accredited by the university and the Office of the Higher Education Commission and is recognized both domestically and internationally. The program aims to produce managers, planners, entrepreneurs, communication consultants, and other business professionals.

      The school members of the program are highly qualified in both academic and professional fields. They can effectively transfer knowledge and understanding from real-world experience. The program also invites academics and experts from abroad to lecture, which enhances the students' experience. This allows students to learn from a broad range of perspectives and apply their knowledge in the most effective way possible in the field of strategic communication.

Degree Title
Master of Communication Arts (Strategic Communications)
นิเทศศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (การสื่อสารเชิงกลยุทธ์)
School of Communication Arts
Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications
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Job Opportunities
Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications
Job Opportunities
  • Corporate Communications Manager/Administrator
  • Public Relations and Corporate Image Manager/Administrator
  • Social Responsibility Manager/Administrator
  • Academic/Research/Policy Analyst and Corporate Communications Planner
  • Advertising Manager/Administrator
  • Brand Communications Manager/Administrator
  • Marketing Communications Manager/Administrator
  • Relationship Manager with Stakeholder Engagement
  • Crisis and Issue Management Administrator/Manager
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Featured Subjects
Master of Communication Arts in Strategic Communications
Advanced Strategic Communication Planning
Crisis Communication
Brand Authenticity and Equity
Communication Management in Entertainment Business
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