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MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION | School of Business Administration

     In the era of economics and technology, every business requires highly capable professionals to effectively manage their operations, ensuring the development of business strategies that lead to sustainable competitiveness.

     The Master of Business Administration program at Bangkok University is prepared to produce graduates with knowledge in business management, enabling them to enhance their creative working abilities. The program promotes the use of technology in business management, encouraging the application of skills for problem analysis and decision-making. It aims to create management potential in individuals, fostering professionalism and leadership skills, as well as strong teamwork abilities. Graduates will be well-equipped to drive organizations towards success, standing at the forefront, or even establishing and managing their own businesses.


Degree Title
Master of Business Administration
School of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
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Job Opportunities
Master of Business Administration
Job Opportunities
  • High-level executives in the business and public sectors, such as CEO, CFO, CMO
  • Entry-level managers, such as Marketing Manager, Finance Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Developer
  • Strategic Planner
  • Business Consultant
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Featured Subjects
Master of Business Administration
Information Technology for Business Management
Entrepreneurship and Business Creation
Cost Allocation in Distribution Systems
Digital Platforms for Human Resources and Data Management Processes
Financial Data Analysis
Digital Marketing Analysis and Strategies
School of Business Administration
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