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Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications

School of Communication Arts — Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications

     As technological advancements progress limitlessly, global society transitions into the digital era, where online media plays a pivotal role in full-fledged marketing operations. It is undeniable that human potential must evolve in tandem with the rapidly changing online technologies. Therefore, it is imperative to adapt to keep pace with technology, not only to meet current occupational demands but also to achieve professional goals and success in the business realm.

     Online technology has developed extensively, with an increasing number of users. This has led to a significant transformation in consumer behavior, rendering traditional marketing communication ineffective. Consequently, digital marketing communication has grown rapidly and consistently, becoming a crucial mainstream in current and future marketing communications. It is a key element that marketers cannot afford to ignore.

     Businesses and companies now seek personnel with enhanced expertise in digital marketing communication, making it a highly demanded job position with higher returns compared to conventional marketing roles.

     Individuals with genuine knowledge and expertise in digital marketing communication are still relatively scarce in Thailand. This is a relatively new and underserved field, with no university offering a serious and comprehensive undergraduate or graduate program. Therefore, Bangkok University has collaborated with leading marketing consulting firms and digital agencies to develop a cutting-edge Master's program in Digital Marketing Communication, creating a new generation of digital marketing communicators capable of meeting current and future needs.

    The Master's program in Digital Marketing Communication at Bangkok University provides a learning experience that keeps pace with global trends, delving deep into understanding and accessing the dynamic digital marketing landscape. The curriculum focuses on equipping learners with outstanding communication skills, enabling them to create and convey diverse and innovative content. This is combined with digital technology skills that serve as powerful channels for effective communication. The program aims to produce graduates with expertise in creating and delivering compelling content, blending news, online technology, and marketing strategies for highly efficient communication.

Degree Title
Master of Communication Arts (Digital Marketing Communications)
นิเทศศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (การสื่อสารการตลาดดิจิทัล)
School of Communication Arts
Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications
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Job Opportunities
Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications
Job Opportunities
  • Online Media Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Media Planning Officer
  • Manager/Director/Expert in Website Strategy
  • Manager/Officer in Digital Marketing Communication
  • Manager/Officer in Brand Communication
  • Manager/Officer in Online Social Media Communication
  • Relationship Manager with Organizational Impact
  • Online Social Media Coordinator
  • Manager/Officer in Website Marketing
  • Manager/Officer in New Media Communication
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Featured Subjects
Master of Communication Arts in Digital Marketing Communications
Introduction to Digital Marketing Communications
Brand Storytelling
Strategic Planning
Digital Public Relations
Search Marketing
Performance Marketing
Electronic Commerce
Digital Marketing Communications Seminar
Relationship Marketing Communications
Online Community Management
Data Analytics and Visualization
Audience Planning and Channel Planning
Marketing Technology and Innovation
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