Bangkok University

International Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Michael Pfahl

Associate Professor and Dean, Bangkok University International Programs (City Campus)

Degrees: Relating & Organizing (Ph.D., Ohio University), Relating & Organizing (M.A., Ohio University), Management (M.B.A., University of Toledo), International Business, Marketing, Sales (B.B.A., Ohio University)

Nationality: American

Specialties: Sport Management and Marketing


Mr. Leonard Barnett

Faculty Member, Business English

Degrees: Human Services Management (M.S.W., LaTrobe University), Public Administration  (Dip. Soc. Stud., University of Melbourne)

Nationality: Australian

Specialties: Intercultural Communication and Management; Negotiations; Corporate Training; Management Coaching; Organizational Behavior; Policy; Qualitative Research


Dr. Tiwa Park

Assistant Professor, Communication Arts

Degrees: Communication Arts (Ph.D., Louisiana State University); Communication Studies (M.A., Hons., West Texas A&M   University); Public Relations (M.A., Sripatum University)

Nationality: Thai

Specialties: Public Relations


Dr. Paul Inpong

Faculty Member, Marketing

Degrees: J.D. (The Thomas Jefferson College of Law); International Business Management (M.B.A., Dominican University of California); Political Science (B.A., University of California, San Diego); Sociology (University of California, San Diego)

Nationality: American

Specialties: Entrepreneurship and Marketing


Mr. Simon Larbalestier

Faculty Member, Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Degrees: Illustration and Photography (M.A., Royal College of Art); Graphics (B.A., Hons., Northumbira University; Graphic Design (B.A., Hons., Northumbria University)

Nationality: British

Specialties: Photography, Graphic Design


Mrs. Madeleine Recknagle

Faculty Member, International Tourism Management

Degrees: Management and Operations (M.B.A., Sacred Heart University); Business Administration and Management (B.A., Sacred Heart University)

Nationality: German

Specialties: Natural Environment Advocacy, Sustainable Tourism

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