Why Bangkok University International?

Why Bangkok University International?

Opportunity to get Double degrees
Bangkok University International offers abroad programs for students of all majors who want to earn a Double Degree or a Top Up Degree. Through our mutual collaboration with university partners, we hope to provide all students with the opportunity to broaden their global perspectives in countries such as Switzerland, England, Australia, and Taiwan. Students will receive two degrees upon completion of their education.

Let’s explore our 8 programs from BUI 
If you are interested in joining BU International and want to know more about us, click on the link below to learn more about each of the 8 programs.
Information about 8 programs : https://bit.ly/3xQgJNh

A chance to mingle with international friends

Intercultural exchange and information sharing will be a priority for students participating in this international learning environment. More importantly, collaborating with international friends will help you improve your English communication skills and prepare you for an international job in the future wherever you want, locally or globally.

Learning from experts from around the world

We also bring in a number of guest lecturers and experts of national and international renown as part of our efforts to give students a global perspective to ensure that you can learn about the real-world working environment in a hands-on way through workshops and practical-based learning projects conducted by international well-known companies in all 8 programs.

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  • Last update : 8 August 2022, 13:22:34