Let’s explore our 8 programs from BUI

If you don’t have any programs in mind yet, let us suggest what to study for you! 
Now, let’s explore all the programs at Bangkok University International and more experiences that you can gain by joining our programs.



One of our most famous programs in BUI is Entrepreneurship. The first program in Thailand that provides all the processes of business. Bangkok University is the first university in ASEAN that cooperates with Babson College, in the USA. Moreover, we also help students to create their own company which can earn them money while still studying with us. Students who join this program are provided instruction by business experts, so we will make sure that students will be able to prove they can do a business model before graduation.


Let’s study Marketing at BUI!
We are ready to prepare students to get a good job. We provide all the basics of marketing, including emerging business trends. Besides, students will be taught by experts in marketing and participate in various useful workshops for increasing students’ experiences.

Culinary Arts and Design

Cooking is not that hard anymore at Culinary Arts and Design!
Students are not only taught how to cook and follow recipes formulated by the instructors, but are also trained to create their dishes by applying their design skills to the creation of new eating experiences. In addition to full-time professors, who are experts in the food and design industry, celebrities and other well-known chefs will give lectures and share their experiences in workshops. We also have modern, fully equipped, kitchen labs that can accommodate all of our students. In bringing out the full potential of our students, we encourage them to enter the global food industry, providing internship opportunities in 5-star organizations by Michelin star chefs in Thailand and abroad.

Innovative Media Production

For students who like to create content, this program suits you at Innovative Media Production. This program was designed for being an expert in technology and adapting to be useful for media making content. It also can be produced every time, everywhere, and on all platforms. That’s not all the benefits of though! Bangkok University has so many partners to help students improve their skills in many ways. Moreover, we believe that students can earn more skills than just studying, because we will let students multitask so that they will truly understand all the processes about our content by experts and professors from Thailand and abroad. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad for increasing skills from Bangkok University’s partners.

Business English
The Business English Program at Bangkok University International, students will be embedded with the New World important skills in English language for communication, entrepreneurial mindset, and critical and creative thinking skills. Students will get a chance to explore more in detail by experimenting with the skill set in the business communication courses. They will also be prepared for global understanding by learning global competence, such as cultural diversity, multinational corporate culture, and negotiation across cultures. To get closer to students’ work-life success, they will be exposed to opportunities, connecting their passions within the real world, working on internships, joining workshops, running work-related projects, etc. So, they will be experts in this field, and their work-integrated learning experiences can also be useful for the business world, both domestic and international.

Communication Strategy and Ideation 

Following the new challenges in the fast-changing world, our curriculum is the integration of knowledge and skills in the form of a trendy and practical module. CSI curriculum is focused on trendy and emerging technology platforms, to understand their highlights and differences, such as Mobile Vertical Experience, User-Generated Social Media, and User Experience & User Interface. We also aim to provide the study of communication strategy and ideation that allows students to work closely with the leading companies for increasing experiences and skills. There’re so many jobs related to this field, for example, Strategic Communication Planner, Digital Content Curator, Digital Media Ideator, Customer Experience Designer or UX/UI designer.

Digital Media and Design

Be ready to step up into the expertise in design, in the world of tomorrow, with our “Digital Media and Design". Our international program aims to develop a personal practice through specialized fields such as Graphic Design, Animation & Moving Images, and Interactive Media. Students, will also be prepared with all the basics of design that are needed in present. Moreover, there are opportunities that we provide as well, such as; exclusive visiting at the design company, art exhibition, special guest speaker, exclusive workshop and real project with the private sector, etc. Besides this, we also provide opportunities for connecting and offering “Dual Degree Programs”, with our potential partnering university, “Middlesex University London”. So, students can graduate with 2 diplomas.

International Tourism and Hospitality Management 

For students who love to explore the world, and have a passion for customer service. Let’s explore our program, International Tourism Management. We have a modern laboratory that can give student experiences not only in Thailand but internationally. We also have many facilities such as a model of a hotel room, 5- star restaurant, and taught by expert professors from the tourism business. After graduating, you will be ready to work in various service sector industries, both operational and managerial roles, or run your own business.

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