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We’re all about sparking your creativity and getting your hands dirty with real-world experience. We’ve got top-notch tools and gear that match what you’d find in the industry, and labs for hands-on learning in all our programs. Our campus is a green, creative oasis with modern buildings and all the facilities to fit your lifestyle. That’s why we’re the most popular private university in Thailand!
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At Bangkok University International , I WILL.

I believe that I can turn passion to a reality. With the robust support, state-of-the-art facilities, and guidance from industry experts at Bangkok University International, there’s no doubt I will.

I will gain real-life skills through hands-on experience.
I will creatively utilize cutting-edge technology.
My passion, fueled by these resources, will lead me to infinite possibilities.

Join this journey! I will empower the world.
at Bangkok University International, The Creative University. #IWILL
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Bangkok University
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