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COMMUNICATION STRATEGY IDEATION | Bangkok University International

Communication Strategic and Ideation (CSI) is a modern and uniquely designed degree created to enhance career opportunities across a variety of current and developing professions.

Elements of management, communication and creativity are all intertwined to help establish a professional base so you can develop your individual interests and abilities.

A variety of highly marketable skills are developed through theoretical and experiential learning in state of the art facilities. Courses range from persuasive presentation, thinking skills for lifelong learning and entrepreneurial spirit to storytelling, photography, leadership and creative design. The curriculum and workshops are created to meet the continually changing needs of the marketplace and make your innate talents shine.

Whether you enjoy interpersonal relations, media communications or the creation and implementation of ideas, there is a place for you in the world of Communication Strategy and Ideation.

Why study this field?

  • Emphasizes both theory and practice, from interpersonal communication to mass communication, using ideation approaches and advanced facilities
  • Learn the secret to creative and strategic communication with our practical curriculum and experienced faculty
  • Prepare students to meet the demands and new challenges of the fast-changing communication world by emphasizing strategic communication and integrated media ideation
  • Special workshops to strengthen skills
  • Internship opportunity specifically for CSI students by Dentsu Interesting and trendy courses 
  • Leading partners to give real case studies
  • Double degree with University of Canberra


Degree Title
Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Communication Strategy and Ideation
Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Communication Strategy and Ideation
Bangkok University International
Communication Strategy and Ideation
Communication Strategy and Ideation
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I believe that I can turn passion to a reality. With the robust support, state-of-the-art facilities, and guidance from industry experts at Bangkok University International, there’s no doubt I will.

I will gain real-life skills through hands-on experience.
I will creatively utilize cutting-edge technology.
My passion, fueled by these resources, will lead me to infinite possibilities.

Join this journey! I will empower the world.
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Job Opportunities
What Career Paths Await
Job Opportunities

The study of communication strategy and ideation gives graduates the required level of readiness for success in the highly competitive job markets of communication and new media-related fields.

  • Strategic Communication Planner
  • Brand Communication Manager
  • Event Planner & Manager
  • Digital Media Ideator
  • Digital Experience Designer
  • Online Media Planner and Buyer
  • Account Manager 
  • Content Manager 
  • Strategic Planner 
  • Social Media Specialist
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Featured Subjects
Communication Strategy and Ideation
We also provide other minor courses in both strategic communication planning and media production, such as:
- Production Design and Visualisation Workshop
- Digital Media Foundation Techniques
- Short-form and New Media Production
- E-Sport Marketing for Marketing Communication
- International Study Trips