Master of Business Innovation

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 Master 's Degree

          The world is changing at a fast pace. It is not only about meeting the increasing demand to adapt to change, but to propose new ways of approaching combinations of transformations. Successful companies are not the ones following a change process, but those that generate and lead change through innovation.

          The Master in Business Innovation (MBI) focuses upon management within the frameworks of short-term and long-term objectives.

          For many companies, a critical issue is how to compromise between efficiency and innovation in combining their short and long term aims. For today’s business leader, it requires the mobilization of existing resources to current activities, while seeking new resources to develop innovative businesses and services. Our Master in Business Innovation program’s overall objective is to provide learners with theories, methods, and tools to shape them as innovative managers in organizations operating under uncertainty in complex and rapidly changing market and technological environments.

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Degree Title: Master of Business Innovation Duration: 5 semesters (Thesis : 2 years) (Non-Thesis : 2 year) Where: Bangkok University Main Campus Admission starts: Semester 1 /Academic 2022 will be started on January 2023