Master of Management (Business Innovation)

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 Master 's Degree

Welcome to the Future of Business Education

In the current knowledge and digital economy era, business innovation has become the main challenge for most companies. New business innovations emerge constantly, and they take multiple forms, which include new product and service design and development; new routines and processes creation in operation, management, strategy, and R&D, new business models, new marketing strategies (digital marketing and social media exploitation; customer oriented services), or new collective innovation logics.

Become a Business Disruptor

The increase in market dynamism generates a growing corporate need for managers empowered with strong soft skills such as creativity, adaptability, sense-making, critical thinking, and empathy. The MBI Program is designed to answer these fast evolving new business needs better. The MBI program enhances participants’ understanding of innovation strategies, structures, processes, people and cultures. The MBI Program’s unique pedagogy allows participants to experience real corporate innovation challenges and develop a better ability to apply their newly acquired knowledge to solve concrete modern innovation managerial challenges.

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Degree Title: Master of Business Innovation Duration: 5 semesters (Thesis : 2 years) (Non-Thesis : 2 year) Where: Bangkok University Main Campus Admission starts: Apply 4 Jan 2024 - 30 June 2024