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Digital Gen Z


Meet the needs of new careers in the digital age that are creative. Provide scholarships to young people with outstanding abilities in any of the following areas:
1. The top in front of the camera, entertainment line, with more than 1 million YouTubers, Game Caster, Product Reviewers, and TikToker followers.
2. A creative line Create online content in your style and earn money while still studying, such as bloggers, writers, photographers, storytellers, editors, etc.



1. Thai and non-Thai nationals are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
2. Currently studying at M.6 (Grade 12) or completed a High School Diploma.
3. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
4. Demonstrate courage and readiness to face all challenges.
5. Actively participate in every activity with dedication, creativity, and innovation.


1. This scholarship covers all faculties and fields of study
2. Two scholarship types:
    2.1 Full Scholarship: 100% tuition, lab, and semester fee waiver, with students responsible for other expenses.
    2.2 Partial Scholarship: 50% tuition, lab, and semester fee waiver, with students responsible for other expenses.
3. Must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 during their studies at Bangkok University.
4. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change or transfer to another programs or field of study for the entire four-year duration.
5. Scholarship recipients are expected to actively participate in university publicity activities and various assigned tasks.
6. Scholarship recipients are required to submit their creative work to the university.
7. Scholarship recipients must engage in university activities at least twice per semester.

Application Documents

  1. An Official High School Transcript or GED certificate
  2. A Copy of National Identification Number / A copy of passport
  3. Any Official Name/Surname Change documents, if applicable
  4. Outstanding personal achievements relevant to the scholarship, such as social media presence, creative works, etc.
  5. A Portfolio

Portfolio Requirements (to be uploaded in PDF format, maximum 10 pages) 

  1. Personal information.
  2. Outstanding personal achievements.
  3. Reasons for interest in this program.


Applications will be accepted exclusively through the online system.

Application Period: From April 22nd - May 15, 2024  

To Apply,Click

Announcement of Interview Eligibility : May 17, 2024  

Interview :  May 21st, 2024. 

Announcement of interview Results : May 28th, 2024

For registration : May 31st, 2024