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Outstanding Athletic Scholarship

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Outstanding Athletic Scholarship


Graduates with outstanding athletic abilities at national or international levels, including those famous/known for their outstanding sports training/exercising trends and alternative wellness and healthcare


1. Thai and Non-Thai
2. A graduate of a Bachelor Degree
3. Applicants with outstanding sports performance at national or international levels, during the past 3 years, as follows.
     3.1 National Athlete, National Youth Athlete, Thai Student Athlete or ASEAN Student Athlete or Athlete of athletic club/association, etc.  
     3.2 Athletes who compete at national or international level competitions, national sports or national youth sports competitions, or those who participated in sports events organized by the National Sports Association or National Sports Authority of Thailand, or those participated in sports events organized by legally registered sports associations or organizations, with the competition result ranking in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, with certified credentials/proof of competitions from the Olympic Committee of Thailand, Sports Authority of Thailand, Sports Association, Department of Physical Education, or other sports organization/associations.   
4. Applicants with skills and abilities to lead the community health and wellness  programs/activities 
5. Applicants with potentials to be further developed towards sports for excellence and academic excellence, who agree to the terms and conditions of the scholarship.  
6. Applicants must not be those in the process of being punished or prosecuted in the court of law, institution, sports organization, sports association or Sports Authority of Thailand.  
7. Applicants must pass sports ability/performance test according to the standards and requirements set/determined by the University. 


1. All Thai and International Programs
2. The scholarship recipient is exempt from paying the tuition, laboratory fee, and semester fee but required to pay other fees.
3. While studying at Bangkok University, Scholarship recipients must accrue at least 6 credits per Academic Year (Not a single F grade) and is obliged to maintain at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA at the end of each academic year.
4. The scholarship recipient is not permitted to change a major of study/school of which the scholarship is granted.

Application Documents

1. A Copy of Bachelor Degree
2. An Official Academic Transcript
3. Copies of certificates received from the competitions during the past 3 years
4. A Letter of Recommendation
5. A Copy of National Identification Number / A copy of passport
6. Any Official Name/Surname Change Documents, if applicable
7. A Portfolio

A list of portfolio information to include (Prefer the PDF file format that must not exceed 10 pages) ;

1. Personal Information
2. Academic Documents
3. Copies of certificates received from the competitions during the past 3 years


Applications will be accepted exclusively through the online system.

Application Period:  From now until December 20, 2566

Announcement of Eligible Applicants for Sports Skills Assessment: Between December 2566 and January 2567, the list of qualified sports skill test candidates will be announced.

Interviews: On Tuesday, January 9, 2567, the names of those who passed the sports skill test will be declared, and they can register for the examination.

Announcement of Sports Skills Assessment Results: On February 15, 2567, the list of recipients for the sports scholarship program will be announced.

Registration: From February 19 to 23, 2567, new students will enroll.