Collaborate with Leading Organizations Locally and Internationally

Embracing New-Age Law: Focused on Professional Training and Legal Skills in the 21st Century.

We are steadfast in our vision to foster ethics and morality, hand in hand with our dedication to equipping students with deep knowledge and understanding of the law. Our esteemed school members, recognized for their contributions to the field of law, are supported by abundant resources, including databases for research and various legal provisions, accessible through computer systems. Moreover, we create practical experiences through mock courtrooms, providing training in lawyering, advocacy, and judging, guided by legal consultants from leading law organizations. This groundwork paves the way for summer internships in significant public and private legal institutions, ultimately instilling a sense of responsibility towards society as we extend legal advice to the general public.

School of Law

Simulation Courtroom Lab

Gain practical experience through our courtroom lab simulations, where students engage in real legal work. Beyond classroom studies, students practice essential skills, partake in court proceedings to stay updated on current legislation, and focus on enhancing their professional and contemporary legal abilities.
Ready to Work in Desired Positions

Students will specialize in law, acquiring in-depth legal knowledge, and can pursue careers as judges, lawyers, prosecutors, or legal advisors and even serve in government agencies, not to mention work as legal consultants in various organizations.
Modern Elective Courses Meeting Current Business Needs

The curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop skills that are essential for future work, such as English for Lawyers and Digital Asset Law.
Focus on Modern Law

Intellectual property law, International trade law, Energy law, Information technology law
Industry-Experienced Professors and Expert Instructors

We focused on learning with our professors and expert instructors from the industry.
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Master’s Degree Programs
Master’s Degree
Master of Laws
Develop the skills of a modern legal professional, studying law that is relevant to the 21st century, allowing you to apply your knowledge effectively. Our curriculum aligns with market and business demands, enhancing essential legal knowledge for today's era. The program is divided into two specialized groups:International Business Law and E-commerceDue to the pivotal role of international business in the development and income generation for Thai entrepreneurs, this specialization focuses on producing legal professionals knowledgeable in frameworks, regulations, international business laws, and laws related to information technology. These experts will drive Thailand's competitiveness globally. Intellectual Property Law and Information TechnologyThis specialization plays a crucial role in protecting intellectual property rights in various innovations, from local intellectual property to inventions using information technology. Utilizing legal knowledge in intellectual property law helps protect locally originated products and technological media, adding opportunities for product development, creating economic value, and linking to social value.Choose Your Path in Every DimensionSelect specialized courses that provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills in modern law. The Master of Laws program, the latest version that has been certified by the University Council and the Office of the Higher Education Commission, meets the current market demand for a shortage of specialized lawyers. It enhances academic and research capabilities, answering the call for contemporary creativity aligned with current situations and future trends.Academic CalendarSemester 1: August to DecemberSemester 2: January to MaySummer Session (if applicable): June to July
Year Tuition
Plan A Thesis
208,380 THB
Plan B Non-Thesis
209,880 THB
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เด็กนิติศาสตร์ ม.เอกชน คนแรกในไทยที่ได้รางวัลกองทุนศาสตราจารย์สัญญา ธรรมศักดิ์ | พี่เอ็ม ณัฐภัทร
เด็กนิติศาสตร์ ม.เอกชน คนแรกในไทยที่ได้รางวัลกองทุนศาสตราจารย์สัญญา ธรรมศักดิ์ | พี่เอ็ม ณัฐภัทร

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เรียนรู้สู่นักกฎหมายสมัยใหม่ นิติศาสตร์ ม.กรุงเทพ
School of Law
Scholarship available
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.