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Dedicated to our vision of instilling ethics and morality, we are equally committed to equipping our students with a profound understanding of the law. Our school members, who are well-regarded experts in jurisprudence, along with our advanced resources like HeinOnline for legal research, work together to provide hands-on experiences in simulated courtrooms. This practical training helps students grasp the roles of attorneys and judges, all under the guidance of top legal advisors within our organization. This preparation prepares them for internships, both in the public and private sectors, during the summer season. Furthermore, we contribute to society by offering legal consultations to the general public.

Degree Title
Bachelor of Laws
School of Law
Law Program
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เส้นอาชีพผู้พิพากษา | ท่านธันวา ถนอมเกียรติ ศิษย์เก่าคณะนิติศาสตร์
เส้นอาชีพผู้พิพากษา | ท่านธันวา ถนอมเกียรติ ศิษย์เก่าคณะนิติศาสตร์

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Job Opportunities
Law Program
Job Opportunities
  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Lawyer
  • Diplomat
  • District Chief
  • Teacher
  • Legal Consultant
  • Law Firm
  • Ombudsman
  • International Organization Officer
  • Mediator
  • Politician
  • Alternative Legal Careers 
  • Risk Consultant



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Featured Subjects
Law Program
1. Legal Advocacy and Mock Trial
2. Legal Professions
3. Lawyers and Law Office Management
4. Practical Legal Skills
5. Law Application and Interpretation
School of Law
Scholarship available
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.
Tuition Fees (Semester 2024)
Semester 1: 22,180 THB
Total Fees 302,980 THB