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School of Engineering — Electrical Engineering
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Electricity is the dynamic force propelling our world forward, ensuring a continuous demand for electrical engineering expertise.

Expand your expertise by exploring electricity generation, distribution, design, and the management of electrical systems. Learn how to ensure top-notch electrical quality, both on a larger network scale and within various settings like factories, offices, and homes. Develop skills in AutoCAD, PLC, renewable energy, and building management all within a curriculum endorsed by the Engineering Council.

Our curriculum is designed with the goal of students becoming licensed professional engineers, which will open rewarding opportunities for career growth and job opportunities. With an emphasis on practical problem-solving and critical thinking, our graduates are well-prepared for a diverse range of roles, such as Electrical Engineers, Project Engineers, Process Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Sales Engineers, Product Engineers, and managerial positions overseeing departments or production facilities.

Choose a path where knowledge and practice converge, propelling you towards success in a variety of fulfilling careers. 

Degree Title
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
วิศวกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต (วิศวกรรมไฟฟ้า)
School of Engineering
Electrical Engineering
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Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

Project Engineering:

  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Program Manager

Government and Public Sector:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Section Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Division Director
  • Managerial Committee

Corporate and Manufacturing:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Head of Factory/Company Engineer
  • Senior Factory/Company Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Sales Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
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Featured Subjects
Electrical Engineering
- Introduction to Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
- Electrical Machines Control
- Energy Storage System
- High Voltage Engineering
- Renewable Energy
- Electrical Safety
- Electric Vehicles
- Emerging Technology in Engineering
- Startup Opportunity and Planning
- Cloud and Sensor Networks
- Energy Conservation and Management
- Data Analysis for Electrical Engineer
- Electrical system design
- Power plant and substation
- Electrical power system
- Internet of Things
- Advanced Electrical and Renewable Energy System