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Bangkok University Chinese International

Bangkok University Chinese International (BUCI) was established in 2015 with the aim of producing new generation entrepreneurs who are capable, globalized, and have the entrepreneurial spirit with creativity and expertise in Chinese language to communicate and do business with partners in Chinese-speaking countries, which is in line with the concept of the "One Belt, One Road Initiative" or the Silk Road in the 21st century of China.

BUCI offering Chinese for International Business for undergraduate program. 

Also collaborates with leading universities in China to develop curriculums. The two universities have jointly developed two undergraduate programs: Chinese for International Business and Chinese for Tourism and Hospitality.

  1. Complete all four years of study at Bangkok University (upon successful completion, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangkok University).
  2. Complete three years of study at Bangkok University and one year at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (upon successful completion from both universities, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangkok University and a certificate from a leading university in China).
  3. Choose to complete two years of study at Bangkok University and two years at a leading university in China (upon successful completion from both universities and in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, students will receive one Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangkok University and one from a leading university in China).

In addition, BUCI has partnered with Chinese government agencies to establish learning centers that integrate both theoretical and practical knowledge to enhance the experiences and competitiveness of graduates. Currently, there are three learning centers:

  1. Chinese-Thai International Media Research Center
  2. Xinhua Agency Bangkok Bureau – BUCI Internship & Training Center
  3. China Radio International Asia Headquarters – BUCI Training Center
Vision and Mission


Bangkok University Chinese International (BUCI) is committed to producing high-quality graduates who meet international standards of excellence in both academic and practical skills. Through the study of language, business skills, and intercultural communication, BUCI graduates will be prepared to contribute to the advancement of industries in the region without limitation.


  1. To produce graduates with excellent academic and practical knowledge to meet the needs of students and society in the ASEAN and China region.
  2. To focus on curriculum development and innovative research that benefits student skill development to keep pace with the modern economy.
  3. To provide comprehensive academic and practical services in the Chinese context to society.
  4. To promote intercultural learning and exchange to foster good international relations.
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Bangkok University Chinese International
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.