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Business Chinese
No Chinese Language Proficiency RequiredChina is a major country in terms of economics, history, and culture. It is therefore an essential knowledge in the world today. The Chinese Business Program enhances Chinese language proficiency in all four areas in accordance with the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test Standards for students. This is done by strengthening specialized Chinese language skills, supplemented by practical projects that combine knowledge from the private sector, including business, marketing, tourism, and other related industries. The program aims to produce personnel who are proficient in communicating between Thai and Chinese cultures.Students can select a double degree program to study in China with partner universities, where they can study for one semester or two years and obtain two degrees, or they can choose to study at Bangkok University for the duration of the program.Why study this major?Learn all dimensions of China, both broadly and deeply.Choose the track according to your interests in all areas: China-International Trade, China Digital Marketing or Travel Industry.Basic Chinese language proficiency course for those with no foundation.Enhance Chinese language skills for business negotiations and trade culture.Collaboration with Chinese government-private sector agencies that support international trade and product distribution channels.Collaboration with the Chinese Business Association, more job opportunities.Instructors who are experts in Chinese business from reputable partner companies.Learn through project-based learning with top industry partners.Focus on modern Chinese business innovation and trade and investment technology with China.Various project activities and special projects.Learn and work with Chinese friends.Collaboration with prestigious universities in China.Opportunity to intern during study.Can graduate within 3.5 years.Additionally, our program can be taken without prior Chinese language proficiency. We will provide foundation courses before the start of the actual program. Those with no prior foundation will learn all four areas of Chinese language proficiency, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in accordance with the levels according to the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test Standards from Chinese and Thai teachers. There will be a Thai advisor starting from the first year. For those who already have a basic knowledge of Chinese, they can submit the results of the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test at level 3 or higher without having to take the foundation course.
Year Tuition
4 Years
Semester 1/1
28,630 THB
Total Tuition Fees
364,630 THB
Bangkok University Chinese International
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.