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The Bachelor of Architecture Program at Bangkok University focuses on creating innovative architects with strong abilities and creative thinking. This program integrates the study of architecture with art and science, incorporating contemporary design knowledge and management skills.

The curriculum prepares students for a global architectural profession by encouraging detailed information analysis and exploration. It equips students to adapt to future design trends and challenges plus become adaptable professionals in a variety of architectural fields.

Our architect program cultivates innovative designers who merge tradition and forward-thinking. Through diverse studios and a holistic approach, we forge architects poised to create a future where creativity and sustainability converge. Join us on this transformative architectural journey.

Degree Title
Bachelor of Architecture
School of Architecture
สาขาวิชาสถาปัตยกรรม (หลักสูตร 5 ปี)
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Job Opportunities
Bringing Industries into the Classroom
Job Opportunities
  • Architect
  • Project Developer/Real Estate Developer
  • Academic/Researcher
  • Project Consultant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Freelance Designer
  • Business Owner
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Featured Subjects
- ARC 380 Theory of Architecture
- ARC 111 Building Material
- ARC 323 Tropical Architecture
- ARC 181 Architectural Design 1
- ARC130 Computer for Architecture 1
- ARC 528 Professional Practice in Architectural Design
- ARC 529 Architectural Business
- ARM 541 Detail and Parametric Design
- ARM 442 Creative Communication and Meaning
- ARC 316 Building Information Modeling and System
- ARF 375 Thai Architecture
School of Architecture