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The Master of Architecture Program is an intensive bilingual program (Thai-English) designed for individuals passionate about architecture, interior design, and innovative architectural businesses. With a research-based design approach, this program offers extensive opportunities in both architectural design and construction industries, including academic careers in architecture.The program is open to applicants with a primary degree in architecture, interior design, or related fields. It aims to enhance design skills, focusing on conceptualization, technological understanding, customer and user comprehension, and business creation. The program emphasizes increasing opportunities for growth in the fields of interior and exterior architectural design and the construction industry.Students can enrich their experience and enhance qualifications with close supervision from expert school members, including regular and visiting professors who are prominent designers and business leaders in the architecture and construction industry. Additionally, the program provides an extensive business design network through its Ecosystem and Partnerships with leading architectural organizations and educational institutions at national and international levels.There are three specialized branches:ArchitectureInterior ArchitectureInnovative Design and ManagementWorking While LearningThe program caters to students with limited time, allowing them to work while studying, with the possibility of completing the program within 1.5 years.International ExperiencesAs a bilingual program, students have the opportunity to exchange experiences with international peers.Academic CalendarSemester 1: August to DecemberSemester 2: January to MaySummer Semester: June to July
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206,430 THB
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