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Do you love a great story?

Digital effects entered into the world of major motion pictures and the film industry has never looked back. Technologies are changing the way we experience stories in revolutionary ways. Through medians such as OTT (eg. Hulu, Netflix, Disney+), streaming media and various digital platforms, the film industry has evolved into a diverse and exciting media bringing new experiences to an ever growing audience.

The School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts at Bangkok University uses state of the art equipment in world class studios. You will learn how to go beyond the expectations of the audience and how to use digital technology to create professional content whether it be on a personal blog or a theater quality production. Leading professionals will guide you through all the cycles of the film industry such as producing content, the business side of the industry, how to present yourself in front of a camera, animation, visual effects, plus sound and graphic production.

Numerous alumni have used their BU degree to go on to become award-winning and well-known filmmakers working both on-screen and behind the scenes. 


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School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts

Partnership Enhances Course Development

We have partner organizations both at the national and international levels, such as Unreal Academic Partner, Blackmagic Design, Viu Thailand, The Monk Studios, Yggdrazil Group, and many more.
State of Art Laboratories

Leaders in industry-aligned, comprehensive learning, we provide top-tier equipment and studio facilities that meet the same standards used by professionals in real industry settings, on a global studio level.
Step into a Film School Bridging the Industry

We offer a complete package that includes both state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, nurturing projects from inception to completion - ready for international distribution across theater and other various platforms.
Learn Top Filmmaking Technique

Creating 3D Animation and Visual Effects alongside digital media and VFS, our renowned instructors have earned international acclaim for their outstanding work. Equipped with high-end tools and equipment, we ensure a comprehensive learning experience.
Focusing on Real-World Professional Skills

With a curriculum that stays current and teaching methods that keep pace with changing technology; it’s ideal for various film and digital media businesses.
Professional-Grade Film and Digital Media Studio

Learn and create to produce comprehensive films and digital media. Collaboration between the Digital Media and Film branches, under the same roof, encourages teamwork in producing works for the Virtual World era.
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Bachelor’s Degree Programs
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Open House BU Metaverse 2022 : คณะดิจิทัลมีเดียและศิลปะภาพยนตร์
Open House BU Metaverse 2022 : คณะดิจิทัลมีเดียและศิลปะภาพยนตร์

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School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts
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With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.
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