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School of Fine and Applied Arts — Communication Design
COMMUNICATION DESIGN | School of Fine and Applied Arts

Embark on an immersive voyage into the realm of artistic expression and design excellence through Bangkok University's School of Communication Arts. In our diverse specialized programs under Visual Communication Design, students master various design disciplines across media platforms. From laying the foundations of design principles to crafting captivating graphic packaging, refining typography, capturing the essence of photography, infusing life into motion graphics, and fostering impactful branding strategies, our curriculum empowers students to create impactful brand identities.

Our program also collaborates with partners on projects aimed at developing students' works for public exposure by teaming up with renowned establishments. Furthermore, we emphasize skill enhancement, enabling students to create artistic works on digital platforms, thus having the potential to generate income while studying.

An exciting array of professions in this industry awaits, spanning roles like graphic designers, art directors, brand identity designers, and even specialized positions such as interactive media designers, motion graphic designers, visual effect designers, animators and typography designers!

Join us and excel as a proficient artist and adept communicator, molding impactful narratives through purposeful designs tailored to your chosen audience.

Degree Title
Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Communication Design)
ศิลปกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต (การออกแบบนิเทศศิลป์)
School of Fine and Applied Arts
Communication Design
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Alumni Voice
ชนิศา อุดมทรัพย์ School of Fine and Applied Arts - Communication Design
ชอบการเรียนการสอนของมหาวิทยาลัยค่ะ อาจารย์ผู้สอนเป็นกันเองและมี connection เยอะทำให้ได้ฝึกงานและแลกเปลี่ยนประสบการณ์ความรู้ที่หลากหลายแนวค่ะ มหาลัยกว้างและเดินทางสะดวกมากค่ะ
Job Opportunities
Communication Design
Job Opportunities

Graphic Design
- Graphic Designer
- Digital Publishing Designer
- Information Designer
- Creative Director
- Art Director

Brand Identity Design
- Brand Identity Designer

Graphic on Packaging
- Packaging Designer
- Brand Experience Designer

Typography Design
- Typographer
- Type Designer

Motion & Timed-Based
- Motion Graphic Designer
- Visual Effect Designer
- Animator

Interactive Media Design
- Interactive Media Designer
- User Experience Designer
- User Interface Designer
- Website Designer

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Featured Subjects
Communication Design
Typography & Layout Design
3D Modeling for Communication Design
AI for Communication Design
Graphic Design History & Contemporary Issues
Art Direction
Digital Publication Design
Graphic Design on Packaging
Motion Graphic Design
Interactive Media Design
Communication Design Research (LECT)
School of Fine and Applied Arts
With a cumulative GPA of 4 more semesters, you can apply for admission immediately.
Tuition Fees (Semester 2024)
Semester 1: 27,380 THB
Total Fees 381,880 THB