Moving Forward Together Through Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to progress, and at Bangkok University, we understand its significance. We value partnerships with organizations from all sectors, be it government entities or private enterprises. Our goal is to unlock potential, drive national development, and actively participate in various design competitions. We also take part in exhibitions showcasing academic and technological innovations, organized by both the public and private sectors.

We extend a warm invitation to organizations interested in visiting our university. This is an opportunity to leverage our expertise and apply it to enhance their endeavors in education and other fields. We embrace creativity and foster an entrepreneurial spirit in all our collaborations.

Our commitment to cooperation doesn't end at university visits. Bangkok University also collaborates with leading educational institutions, both domestically and internationally, whether public or private. Together, we work on internationalizing our curriculum and providing students with opportunities to study, intern, and gain practical experience in countries renowned for their expertise in various industries. Our emphasis on experiential learning equips students to apply their diverse knowledge for future international success.