The Netherlands embassy showcases BUI creativity

2023-03-08   51 อ่านแล้ว

Congratulations to the award winning Innovative Media Production (IMI) students and special  thanks to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand for allowing our students to showcase their short film called "Food dating." 

The film won an impressive amount of awards, including:  
- Outstanding achievement award at The World Film Carnival, Singapore 2022
- Best Script Award from 9 Film Festival, Thailand
- Official selections at 8th Asia University Film Festival - Beijing, China. 
- Special mention at the 1 World Student Film Festival, United Kingdom
- Special mention Asia South East Short Film Festival, Cambodia.

The short film portrays the adventure of an individual, from the LGBTIQA+ community, who sets out on a journey to find love. Each person encountered has characteristics that are similar to traditional Thai dishes. As he goes through the ups and downs in his search for love, he encounters the different flavors of personality and learns to understand that love is like the complex tastes found in Thai cuisine. 

The sold out premiere at the Netherlands Embassy was the first public viewing outside of a film festival and was seen by over 200 enthusiastic attendees. The audience enjoyment of the creative aspect of the film made the IMI students’ awards that much sweeter.