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Digital Media

School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts — Program — Digital Media — Interesting Courses
Interesting Courses
Fundamental and Required Courses
- Arts and Design for Digital Media
- Ideation for Design and Pre-production
- Visual Appreciation and Application
- 2D Computer Graphics
- 3D Computer Graphics
- Introduction to Visual Effects
- Introduction to Sound Production
- Cinematography for Digital Media
- Professionalism in Digital Media
- Project Management for Digital Media

Major Electives and Free Electives
• Anatomy for Artist
• Character Design
• Character Set-up
• Visual Effects I & II
• Procedural for Visual Effects (Houdini)
• Matte Painting for Visual Effects
• Project Management for Digital Media
• International Business for Digital Media
• Sound Design for Digital Media
• Basic Music Creation for Digital Media
• Audio Editing • Audio Recording

Free Elective
• 2D Animation
• Environmental Design for Animation
• Acting for Animation
• Motion Capture Technology
• Stop Motion
• Unreal Technology
• Real-time Rendering for Animation and Visual Effects
• Sound Arts
• Sound Production for Computer Game
• Film Music Composition
School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts
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