Creativity Everywhere

Since creativity knows no boundary and it exists everywhere both in and outside classroom, our IMAGINE Lounge virtually comes alive as a creative space for you to relax, imagine, and learn in your free time. Here you can sing in a colorful karaoke room, have fun playing table tennis, do a group project with your classmates, or even lay your back on a cozy sofa. This IMAGINE Lounge is simply made to serve you the way you want.

The Answer to Digital Age

Fully Wi-Fi coverage, BU Campus is the perfect place for all to surf internet and connect with friends around the world.

Student Activity Center (SAC)

Standing unique with great design is our BU SAC. It’s the student activity center prized by the Italian magazine Domus as the” Best School Building.” SAC is made of 2,200 square meters for club students to hold meetings, practice or rehearse music, or have photo workshop. Also, the open space for BU world-famous cheerleading team has made this Center outstanding and significant.

Surat Osathanugrah Library

Towering at the center of Main Campus, Surat Osathanugrah Library is an icon of knowledge and attractive learning space for everyone. This state-of- the-art building shows BU initiative.

Imagine Lounge

A unique student lounge for creative community on campus, IMAGINE Lounge is a spacious area for students to unleash their creativity, imagination, and inspiration to others.

Tourism Tower

It’s virtually a learning building, full of modern labs and work stations, for Hotel and Tourism students to craft their skills and build hands-on experience in their field of study.

Bangkok University Creative Center (BUCC)

Make your creativity a reality at BUCC now. Besides a good chance of winning a scholarship for your creativity, our professional mentors will guide you through to make your creative project and endeavor possible.

Student Clubs

BU different clubs and activities are waiting for you to exercise your creative talents, create a strong sense of responsibility, sharpen social skills, and build a sound relationship with others. All at BU are meant for you to make yourself complete in every possible way.

Diamond Residence

Safer and more convenient, our fully-furnished Diamond Residence is a perfect choice for our female students. It’s just steps away from Main Campus, and it’s fully equipped with safety control system.

International Center

Besides giving advice to international students in terms of visa, immigration, and other legal issues, International Center simply exists to ensure optimum learning experience at Bangkok University.