The quality of international education at Bangkok University extends beyond degree programs. Besides short and certificate courses on hot issues and international education trips abroad effectively run side by side with our degree programs, centers of Excellence are another key factor that helps enrich and enhance the quality of education at Bangkok University. BU currently houses a number of centers of excellence.


Turning creativity into reality is impressively made possible at Bangkok University. Our engineering students are professionally trained in the existing state-of-the-art labs, which are complete with the latest technologies, equipment, and tools all through the years of their study at Bangkok University. In addition, our highly qualified faculty and frequently invited experts from the local and international organizations also help our students to unlock their creativity and innovative ideas. As a result, graduates of our School of Engineering are sought-after as professionals who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in optoelectronics, communications and control systems.

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Creative Entrepreneurship Development Institute (CEDI)

CEDI is the only Thai institute working in conjunction with Babson College, the world’s No. 1 Entrepreneurship Development institute in U.S.A. The main aim of CEDI is to produce such creative entrepreneurs that can successfully meet the challenges and changing demands of reality.  With integrity, business ethics, and entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurs from CEDI are well-equipped for the growth and sustainability of their business.

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ICE aims to encourage entrepreneurs to successfully handle and face creative economy.  To that end, it collaborates with many institutes and offices to organize seminars, competitions, and research on hot and related issues.

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INSAPS stands tall as one of the region’s leading creative research and teaching centers in Asia. It focuses mainly on critical issues in Asia, including those that can influence and shape the region’s future, particularly in terms of interaction between Asia and the rest of the world in the 21st century and beyond.


The fact that BU begets the name “creative university” is from, besides creative education, having creative students, faculty and staff moving around and in every corner of the campus. BU then set up BUCC as a gallery space and display room for those creative individuals, particularly those who have received “BU Scholarship for Creativity,” to unleash their creative talents and showcase their creations.  Indeed, BUCC has successfully answered BU’s wish to create creative environment on campus.

The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA)

IKI-SEA is a non-profit center of excellence which focuses on combining academic research with extensive business experience in order to provide practical consultancy and effective business solutions to both public and private organizations in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  In addition, IKI-SEA regularly organizes in-house trainings, seminars, and workshops on knowledge management, organizational creativity, organizational learning, and innovation management.

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