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    Bangkok University The Creative University
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Openness to creativity and ideas with an extension of imagination
    • Bachelor's Degrees Scholarships

    • Bangkok University determines to create educated and efficient graduates to be recognized in various profession industries. Therefore, Bangkok University is ready to give support to students with good academic and extracurricular activity performance that benefits the school and university. This is to give them a chance to improve themselves and extend their potential as well as their education opportunities continuously until graduation.
    • Prakaipetch Scholarship

    1. Tuition and fee waiver throughout all 4-years while studying at Bangkok University
    2. A monthly stipend of 6,500 baht
    3. An annual school supply allowance of 5,000 baht
    4. No repayment obligation
    1. Applicants must have Thai citizenship.
    2. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50, averaged over the final 5 terms of high school study.
    3. If the scholarship is awarded, the student must maintain a cumulative average GPA of 3.0 at all times. In the event that the cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 during any semester, scholarship privileges will be revoked for that semester only and can be renewed once minimum requirements are met.
    1. An Official High School Transcript
    2. A Letter of Endorsement certifying cumulative GPA and current status of good standing
    3. Applicants must submit a portfolio containing academic and professional achievements.
    4. Applicants must complete an admissions interview process.
    5. Applicants must submit 3 photographs (1 inch x 1 inch).
    6. Applicants must submit a copy of their Thai national identification card.
    7. Applicants must submit any official name / surname change documents, if applicable.
    8. Scholarship recipients are responsible for damage insurance fees of 2,000 baht (deposit returnable upon degree fulfillment) and annual life insurance costs of approximately 400 baht per year.
    For More Information, Please Contact Bangkok University - City Campus:
    Address : 119 Rama4 rd. Klong-Toey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
    Tel : 02-350-3500 Ext. 1599, 1569

    Bangkok University - Rangsit Campus:
    Address : 9/1 Moo 5, Thanon Paholyothin, Klong Nueng, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
    Tel : 02-902-0299 Ext. 2588, 2599
    Scholarship Application Form
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