Meet BUI Students

Jordan Lee Nembhard


“If you do things differently, you’ll get different results. BU International is a creative university and I am a creative individual. I am studying in Entrepreneurship in the hopes of creating a creative and profitable organization. My time at BU International has been useful in opening my mind to the limitless possibilities.”

Johan Blom


“I chose to study at BU International because it allows me to be creative in many ways. I can implement strategies that I learn during classes and apply it to my creations. I have a street clothing brand called SoSo clothing and it was launched in Thailand and Scandinavia so far. BU International is a great contributor to the success of my brand.”

Rochelle Nembhard

Communication Arts

“At BU International, there is a meeting of two worlds—East and West. I chose BU International because it has the diverse array of different cultures and I’ve learned new skills by interacting with people from around the world. This is important for being an entrepreneur, which I plan to be in the future.”

Jannis Hoff


“I’ve always wanted to study abroad to gain new experiences and learn about new cultures, and meeting people around the world. Study at Bangkok University is by far the wisest decision I’ve made and I’m sure it will take me far in life.”