Course Description

Preliminary Courses (0 Credit)

PL  121  Strategic Writing

Explores writing for strategic communication for print, broadcast, and digital, relationship among audience as well as message organization.  Develops practical skills in the preparation of news releases, pitch letters and report, executive summary, broadcast applications, magazine features, the practical application to achieve marketing communication goals, foster a cause, or persuade an audience.

PL  122  Data Analysis and Interpretation

Study the process of data analysis and interpretation for the quantitative research, with emphasis on the selected statistical tests, dataset generation and manipulation, the execution of a set of common tests using statistical package, interpretation of output to support or reject the hypothesis of the research, and making predictions and recommendations for future research, by undergoing the planning process of data analysis and interpretation, involving the data generation, compilation, and presentation

PL  123  Cultural Diversity and Globalization

An examination on the concept, significance, derivatives of cultural diversity and globalization, implications on the beliefs, values, lifestyles, and consumption behaviors of global audience; using “cultural” discourse to examine forms of ‘culturalism’ that use ‘culture’ as symbolic capital interact;  focusing on key issues such as cultural identity, voice, power, needs, access and agency raised by a range of actors/observers: theorists; governments and governmental agencies, international organizations, ‘cultural entrepreneurs’, cultural activists; artists and their transnational networks.

PL  124  Communication in the Transformational World

Analysis of concepts, process, and role of communication in the transformational world; the factors shaping communication between nations and cultures, while recognizing various aspects in communication of international, intercultural, and cross-cultural communications.

Core Courses (12 Credits)

ICA  611  Global Communication Theories (3)

An analysis on the concepts, theories, and the application of global communication discipline, particularly those dealing with the globalization of media and culture and a survey on both empirical and critical approaches: rhetorical, quantitative, ethnographic and textual, and how various disciplines — economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, and rhetoric — deal with the media and culture.  An application of these research methodologies to develop research project or thesis proposal.

ICA  612 Communication Research (3)

Expose students to the logic and conduct of a systematic investigation on the research methodologies for both quantitative and qualitative approach in the field of communication, including development of theoretical rationales and problem statement, conceptual framework, research questions or hypothesis; research design; identifying variables and sampling; measurement; data analysis techniques, interpretation of results, and research report writing.

ICA  613  Intercultural Communication (3)

A study of culture and communication between people from different cultures in various countries. An emphasis is placed on verbal and nonverbal communication, barriers of intercultural communication. Analysis of concept and dimension of culture, cultural adaptation or acculturation, identity, culture shock and other global issues to appreciate cultural diversity.  The study encourages application of theories and case studies across cultures.

ICA  614  Global Communication Seminar (3)

Critical examination of selected aspects of current issues and problems in global communications, theories and research, and the application of global communication in Thailand and foreign countries.  An investigation and discussion of current knowledge derived from research in communication arts and global communication.  The course encourages students and instructors to present research in conference or seminar and requires students’ participation in field trips for educational purposes.

Major Requirement (15 Credits)

ICA  621  Global Advocacy and Corporate Communication Policy (3)

Explore the implication of “cultural turn” on the global advocacy and corporate communication policy of a corporation; an analysis on how the cultural dimension has been the center of the communication advocacy of public institutions such as the United Nations System or the European Union and their stakeholders, as well as by other organizations such as NGOs, formal and informal networks and cultural entrepreneurs at the global, regional and national levels; and how these organizations address their corporate vision, missions, initiatives to demonstrate their roles and functions. The course will enable students to understand the cultural domain of global public policy in organizing rhetorical-oriented activities and providing them with tools to operate successfully.

ICA 622 Collaboration Methods in Conflict Resolution (3)

Concepts, theory, and research on collaboration according to the nature and consequence of conflict, focusing on collaborative interventions, process, and various communication acts, with particular emphasis on the relationship between collaboration and communication in managing situations in cultural and ethnic conflicts.   An emphasis is on case study on cross cultural contexts.

ICA  623  Global Digital Media and Innovation Management (3)

Examination on the context that will enrich students’ understanding of digital media and innovation in the global context. The topics include the development and effect of digital media and innovation; how digital technologies respond to and shape culture and society; examining how digital media technology and innovation change the way customers’ advocates and engaged with the brands and organization. A special focus is on how the Media Convergence Model and other concurrent models are used to manage global digital and innovation effectively and efficiently. An emphasis is on case study.

ICA 624 Public Issues in the ASEAN Region  (3)

An in-depth analysis of ASEAN Economic Community and major countries that have major role in the ASEAN region, including China, Japan, and South Korea, Thailand; their media systems with emphasis on regional issues regarding the interaction of media with culture and politics.

ICA 625   Public Issues in the Global Community (3)

An in-depth analysis of European Union and major countries in the world including South America, and their media systems with emphasis on global issues regarding the interaction of media with culture and politics.

ICA 626  Global Brand Communications (3)

Analysis on the concepts, elements of brand to develop communication strategies for corporate branding and product branding, and get hands-on experience developing effective strategies for brand communications to create and sustain relationships between consumers and brands and/or organizations. An emphasis is on thinking creatively and strategically about brand problems which involves the following stages: identification of all relevant stakeholders, audience segmentation, points of media contact, as well as recognizing the roles that each communication discipline can play in the success or failure of the campaign development. It will also explore the relationships among media that underlie a successful communications campaign.

Electives (9 Credits)

ICA  631  Leadership and Team Communication (3)

Nature and role of leadership; its effectiveness in team communication; theories and practices of effective group and team communication, along with strategies and tactics.

ICA  632  Public Speaking in the Global Contexts (3)

Principles of public speaking, fundamental skills in the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of the common forms of public address and persuasive speaking techniques. An emphasis is place on the critical thinking process, the discovery and evaluation of arguments and evidence, organizing ideas, style, audience analysis and adaptation, speech composition, and presentation skills.

ICA  633  Communication in Organization (3)

A theoretical analysis on the System Theory and to the role communication plays in organizations (social system). This course will stress the distribution of information within and among organizations and the effects of information on organizational processes.  A focus is placed on analytical techniques for the description of communication systems and how other perspectives are related to organizational communication.

ICA 634   Stakeholder Relationship and Engagement (3)

Concepts, theories, and research related to the relational approaches to public relations in restoring, managing relationship, and building engagement with various stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, community, and stockholders in a variety of contexts: interpersonal, group, organizational, and social levels.

ICA  635  Change Management (3)

Meaning, significance, concepts, and theories in change management; understanding on situational investigation and problems in the world that affect the corporate success and society as a whole. A focus is on the implication of global communication during changes in various contexts such as organizational, socio-cultural, and global contexts, especially critical situations that require effective management of communication.

ICA  636  Media Literacy and Media Criticism (3)

An examination on the concepts, theories and effect of media literacy and media criticism. Explore the effect of media literacy on the media content, and how the media content shape media programming. The course focuses on the critical approach of media as a method of studying
persuasive messages via the contemporary media and their media effects on the individuals and society in both national and global levels.

ICA  637  International Relations and Global Communication (3)

A study of concept, theory, and research on the role of media in promoting international relations under globalization era with particular reference to public diplomacy and public participation.  Focus is on the process of public diplomacy formation and public opinion formation via various communication channels. Analysis of global media strategies and tactics which have bearing on majors powers’ foreign policies on important issues.  Communication policies and pattern within and between regional economic communities including AEC and EU.

ICA  638  International Advertising Campaign Planning (3)

First-hand team experience on creating and producing a professional-level integrated advertising campaign, involving every aspect of advertising, ranging from market research and developing strategic directions and creative concepts for media strategy formulation and execution, targeted towards international consumers.

ICA 639  International Communication (3)

A study of concept, theory, approach, research and practice on the exchange of information and messages between nation states around the world. Focus is on the concept ‘free and balanced flow’ of information and its linkage with the redistribution of wealth, power, and other social resources in the global community.  The study is concerned primarily with the mass media, either print or electronic, and new media, e.g. the internet and social network, generally comprising national media infrastructures and policies and their implications for the society in which they are embedded. It also deals with globalization issues related to rights to communicate and freedom of information in an information society.

ICA  640  Special Events and MICE Management (3)

An investigation on principles and significance of special events and MICE management, planning and staging of special event and festival management. A special focus is on the exploration of the relationships between the global tourism industry and the special events and MICE sectors. Topics include the management planning processes, methods and evaluation of conventions and events, infrastructural requirements, impacts, volunteers, sponsorship, programming and special event planning and development, targeting toward the global tourists.

ICA  641  Creative Interdisciplinary Project (3)
(Pass Prerequisite: ICA  601 Independent Study)

A creative project that is characterized by more than one interdisciplinary knowledge that aimed to reinforce an issue or resolve problems related to global community, organization, or nation.  The focus is on planning a social –oriented integrated communication campaign in the national or global context, wherein student will have an experience in planning process, including objective setting, strategic directions, message and media planning, resource and budget allocation, and evaluation.  This course will offer students from interdisciplinary knowledge to collaborate and create a creative project based on their specialization under the supervision of an advisor.

ICA  642 Communication Management for Corporate Social Responsibility (3)

An investigation of concepts, significance, components, process, and types of corporate social responsibility (CSR). A special focus is on the role of communication strategies to manage various CSR Management Models in order to support the corporate vision, missions, and policy while recognizing the needs and engagement of stakeholders in the national level and global level.  In addition, the course will explore ways to evaluate the CSR mechanisms and the communication outcomes to manage sustainable corporate reputation and relationship.

ICA  643  Developmental Communication and Social Change for Sustainability (3)

An extensive study of concept, theory, research and practice in the development communication area to achieve sustainable socio-economic change in the globalization era.  Built on the classical approach of modernization and development, the pro-active approach will explore and incorporate modern multiplicity communication theory and strategy involving public participation, advocacy, convergence communication technologies and media at all levels in a holistic and integrated manner. A study is based on a series of successful cases studies from diverse culture in developing countries.

ICA  644  Social Marketing Communication (3)

Theories and research on the application of marketing communication for the social purposes, with a focus on social development and life quality; an examination on communication factors in developing communication strategies and launching social marketing campaign. An emphasis is on case studies. Students will have a hand-on experience in developing and presenting a social marketing campaign from case studies.

ICA 645  Environmental Communication (3)

An examination on the concepts  of environmental communication and the significance of environmental issues on global communication; examine the persuasive efforts including competing claims and appeals used by institutions, corporations, movement leaders, scientific experts, politicians and citizens to describe, persuade, and shape human interactions and behavior toward the environment; The topics focus on advocacy campaigns, social marketing, environmental journalism, media coverage of environmental issues, green marketing, the environment in popular culture, risk communication, and public participation.

ICA  646  Global Issues  Management and Crisis Communication (3)

An examination of communication roles in crisis and issues development and intervention in the national, regional, and global contexts; principles and theories in crisis communication, planning and management process, together with communication strategies and tactics in handling and managing issues and crisis situations. An emphasis is on case studies.

ICA 647  Global Political Communication (3)

A study of concept, theory and research on the global communication systems and world politics in the globalization era.  Focus is on the democracy, media and political socialization, public opinion formation, propaganda and socio-economic changes.  Analysis of significant global issues such as international terrorism, conflict and reconciliation, peace communication and freedom of expression and information.  Study is based on case studies from various countries.

ICA 648  Health Communication and Advocacy (3)

An examination on the concept and theories related to health communication and health-care discourse by focusing the communication advocacy of an organization to promote public awareness and attitude and positive health-care behavior. The focus is on the management of communication that affect the effectiveness of health communication such as ethicality in health communication, demographic factor, culture, geographic, and textual analysis related to the rhetoric of health, as well as message design and message dissemination with persuasion which are the communication strategies for health marketing campaign.

ICA  649  Global Communication Criticism (3)

A critical review of literature on a variety of topic related to global and intercultural communication. Focus is on analysis of global issues or factors affecting: rights to freedom of expression and information, human rights, cultural diversity, equal access to information, democracy and free market, privacy and human dignity, and a synthesis of ideas to promote conflict resolution and peace in an information society.  Emphasis is on case study and critical writing.

ICA  650  Legal and Ethical Aspects in Global Communication (3)

An analysis and synthesis of universal laws and principles covering free market places of ideas, anti-trust and monopoly, media-conglomeration, cultural imperialism and hegemony, libel, open sky policy and free trade agreement.  Focus is also on a variety of cultural values and ethics used in universal codes of conduct for self-regulation of global media including: freedom, independence, social responsibility, impartiality, and trustfulness, fair play, decency and privacy.

Plan I: Thesis

ICA 700 Thesis (12)
(Pass prerequisite: ICA 612  Communication Research)

Plan II: Independent Study

ICA 701 Independent Study (3)
(Pass prerequisite: ICA 612  Communication Research)