Course Description

Preliminary Courses (0 Credit)

PL  171  Research Methodology

The course focuses on introducing students to research topics and methodology, including critical thinking, scientific responsibilities, academic ethics, scientific writing, and publication. They will be trained on oral and written technical presentations on individual research, journal articles, or design projects

PL  172  Seminars

The course focuses on how to think and analyze systematically for research and presentation. Also, in this class, students may be required to attend seminars and presentations related to their research topics such as conference presentations and workshops. The student will be required to summarize and present the outcome of his/her experience. Several guest speakers and excursions may be arranged for the students in this class. Moreover, knowledge on entrepreneurship may be included.

Thesis (36 Credits)

ECE  600  Thesis (36)

The course focuses on independent research work under the guidance of the designated student supervisor related to the thesis work. This includes data analysis, thesis proposal preparation, and thesis preparation.