Course Description

KIM  711  Advanced Research Methodology for Social Sciences

The course teaches the philosophy of social science research. Students will learn how to do literature reviews and work within a conceptual research framework. Both qualitative and quantitative research designs as well as different research strategies will be taught. The course will include the development of research proposals, report writing, and the publication process on national and international level. It will also discuss how to utilize research results in practice.

KIM  721 Theories and Current Issues in Knowledge and Innovation Management

The course will teach the current practices in Knowledge Management and the latest Innovation Theories, current issues, future trends, and organization development. Students will also learn practical approaches of applying both knowledge and innovation management in organization management. Participants will learn about advanced theories in knowledge management, KM tools and techniques, as well as strategies to effectively apply those in the organization by using case studies to highlight issues and opportunities.

KIM 801 Disseration I

This first phase will support the students in systemizing their knowledge and expertise to develop a research proposal. At the end of this phase, proposal defense is required.

KIM  802 Dissertation II

Students will review and improve their proposals and develop their research tools.

KIM  901  Dissertation III

Students will collect data, analyze data, and conclude their studies.

KIM  902  Dissertation IV

Final Dissertation Defense and the writing of the research paper in order to be published in an international journal.