Program Description

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Arts

A Ph.D. program in Communication Arts (International Program) has been offered by Bangkok University in collaboration with the School of Communication Studies, Ohio University since 1995. Revised many times to keep itself update and most applicable to the changing needs,  this doctoral degree in Communication Arts is designed to develop researchers and professionals who are able to construct/deconstruct theories and the practice around human and digital communication through different philosophical approaches. It encompasses a range of communication topics and activities from face-to-face conversation to communication via mass media such as television, film, and the Internet, the creative arts and design, the evolution of technology to digital media and the business aspects of the communication industry. The program is multidisciplinary and aims to produce graduates who are both professional and community-oriented in the field of communication.

Job Opportunities:

  • Employee / executive at private or government organization
  • Communication advisor at private or government organization
  • Professor / academician
  • Researcher