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Creative Environment

An exciting and stimulating campus life  is another feature that differentiates Bangkok University from other universities. When creativity inherent in every individual is actively and constructively unleashed to nurture the University’s strategic direction and aim to become an internationalized institution, both of our campuses are literally filled with fun and meaningful activities that nicely impress and cultivate everyone involved. It is always sweet and pleasant to sip the charm of Thailand, internationally perceived as the Land of Smiles, at Bangkok University where smiling faces of students, faculty, and staff neatly mingle in both co-curricular and extracurricular activities all year round.  

Obviously complete with modern equipment, excellent facilities, and creative learning space, Bangkok University is more than ready to enable faculty, the public, and, more importantly, students to unleash their talents and uniqueness all year round. Examples of creative environment neatly created for the benefit of our students, stakeholders, and visitors are as follows.

Imagine Lounge

A creative learning space, IMAGINE Lounge is a spacious area for students to unwind and have fun turning endless imagination into reality. The giant Panda Bear, home theatre, karaoke space, play zone with a giant dartboard and pool table, and a fun book are all well designed to stimulate those creativity buds of our students who come to relax in the Lounge between classes.  Accordingly, our students literally learn everywhere and at any time while on campus.

Surat Osathanugrah Library

Towering at the center of BU Rangsit Campus, Surat Osathanugrah Library is an icon of knowledge and attractive learning space for everyone.  This state-of- the-art building shows BU initiative in turning the age-old notion of library,  where only serious learning can take place,  into “edu-tainment” zone for students to learn in a fun and creative way. Our library then houses countless books of different disciplines, VDO movies of various kinds, movie theatre, fun-filled Cyber Center, exciting History Hall, meeting rooms, and study rooms.  Knowledge lovers can also learn virtually at this library.

The Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum 

The Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum houses hundreds of priceless ceramic wares found in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Visitors will highly appreciate and value ancient wisdom and local craftsmanship.  Regular exhibitions on Southeast Asian arts and ceramics have also made the Museum worth visiting. The Museum is, in fact, perfectly fit for research in Southeast Asian ceramics wares.   The Museum was graciously granted the ASA Green Awards in Thailand.


IMAGINE Village markedly makes BU outstanding in creating creative environment on campus. Instead of going outside during their free time between or after classes, students can stroll around shops, meet and eat with friends at nice restaurants inside this exciting shopping arcade. The Village also serves as an outlet for students to sell the products of their own design and creativity.  

Tourism Tower 

Tourism Tower is a modern building fully equipped with lecture classes and labs in hospitality studies. Everyday, visitors come to witness and learn from us in different rooms and functions such as BU Café f, Hotel Guest Room, Housekeeping, Flower Room, Demonstration Kitchen, Ground Service Operation Room, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the famous mock-up airline simulation training for prospective flight attendants. The Tower is not only a perfect place to sharpen students’ skills but also a learning destination for visitors to broaden their experiences in service industry.

Bangkok University Creativity Center (BUCC)

BU begets the name “creative university” from having creative education, creative students, faculty and staff moving around and in every corner of the campus. BU then set up BUCC as a gallery space and display rooms for creative individuals, particularly those who have received “BU Scholarship for Creativity,” to unleash their creative talents and showcase their creations.  Indeed, BUCC has successfully answered BU’s wish to create creative environment on campus.

Creative Market

This is another open space for students to display and sell their creative products. The Market perfectly acts as a visible venue of the intangible creativity and entrepreneurship which Bangkok University has been trying to instill into the students. Everyone is welcomed to shop our students’ creative and limited-edition products at the Creative Market every Wednesday at A8 Building, Rangsit Campus, from 3 p.m. onwards.    

Student Activities Center (SAC)

BU students unanimously agree that this multi-purpose building is a perfect space for them to do creative projects, to relax between classes, or even to have a group discussion and preparation for exams. The center is spacious enough for students to come and book the rooms for group projects at their convenience. The “strange” shape and the strikingly “uncommon” interior design of the building powerfully push our imagination beyond limit.  

International Center 

Besides giving advice to international students in terms of visa, immigration, and other legal issues, International Center simply exists to ensure optimum learning experience at Bangkok University. Located on the second floor of Surat Osathanugrah Library and adjacent to the BU Movie Theatre, VDO rooms, History Hall, and Cyber Center where students have fun surfing the internet world, the Center is perfectly fit for the so-called “edu-tainment.” The Center regularly provides language-training classes for students who are interested in learning in their free time and in an entertaining manner. Besides learning languages with their friends who are native speakers of; for instance, English, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Malay, students can also have fun with extra-curricular activities such as dancing, singing, and games.  Both language training and extra-curricular activities at the Center are mainly to promote international awareness, sound understanding and desired relationship among local and international students.

Italian Center  

Bangkok University, set up Italian Center at City Campus in order to promote the study of Italian language and culture. The Center has, from the beginning, successfully organized Italian language courses for BU students and the public. With the strong support from the Embassy and universities in Italy, a number of students who take up courses at the Italian Center have been granted scholarships to study or visit Italy in order for them to have hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of Italian language and culture.  In addition to Italian Week which has been organized once a year, the Center, in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy, has also conducted numerous activities on campus like Jazz music as well as workshops on Italian food, dessert, and culture. In this regard, this Italian Center has played a significant role in shaping global citizens for Bangkok University.