Tuition and Fees

Global Gen Scholarship

Programs Tuition&Fees  Scholarship Amount Due
Marketing Major 652,000 Baht  180,000 Baht 472,000 Baht
Communication Arts Major 678,000 Baht   180,000 Baht 498,000 Baht
Innovative Media Production  525,530 Baht  –
Business English Major 652,000 Baht   180,000 Baht 472,000 Baht
International Tourism Management Major  678,000 Baht  180,000 Baht  498,000 Baht
Hotel and Restaurant Management Major  415,330 Baht  –
Culinary Arts And Design  557,000 Baht  –
Computer Graphics and Multimedia Major 752,000 Baht   180,000 Baht 572,000 Baht
Entrepreneurship 505,000 Baht  –



1. The fees above are inclusive of a damage deposit of 2,000 baht which will be refunded after graduation or dismissal.
2. The fees above do not include the Preparatory English Course (9,000 baht) if required.
3. International students majoring in International Tourism Management, Communication Arts, Business English, Computer Graphics and Multimedia and Marketing are required to pay an additional non-residential fee of 10,000 baht per semester.
4. The scholarship amounts, provided in eight installments, are awarded each semester registered (maximum four years).