Why Study at BU?

High Quality Education

At the heart of Bangkok University are internationally accredited curriculum, high-profile faculty and staff, professional administration, and efficient supporting system.

International Partnership

With all the professionalism and readiness as a highly-acclaimed education provider we have, BU has been enjoying the fruit of successful collaborations with universities and organizations worldwide.

High Quality Graduate

BU provides different kinds of opportunities to make the students competent and competitive in the job market after graduation. Through BU’s notion of “Innovative Learning,” our students have been cultivated with BU’s DNAs, composed of Creativity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Internationalization.   Also, embedded in every graduate are such skill sets for work in 21st century.

Ready to Experience the Whole Wide World

Thanks to the extensive and fruitful collaborations with many renowned universities and organizations in every corner of the world. Our students do have a choice to go out to explore the world with those partner institutions.  They can go there for a short summer program, internship, or study for a semester or two.

Unlimited Learning Experience and Progress

“Education” literally means “Openness.” So, as a leading educational institute, BU is committed to opening the door of opportunities for all to gain unlimited learning experience and progress.