International Program

Over 900 international students from over 50 countries

Business English

Focus on developing competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking and research skills applied in different business cultures and contexts.

Communication Arts

Providing a broad range of communication skills. The focus is on theory and practice from interpersonal communication in small group settings to mass
communication in the macrocosmic social context.

Computer Graphics &Multimedia

Provides the student with the opportunity to synthesize the skills and thinking found in each aspect of the various disciplines into a project in which these skills are implemented first hand.

Culinary Arts and Design

The BA in Culinary Arts and Design is uniquely designed to harmonize the chef’s cooking skills with the designer’s artistic perceptions. It prepares students with essential cooking and design knowledge and skills through modern learning facilities with qualified and experienced faculty. Students will acquire both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for the food industry and learn how to creatively integrate cooking and design competency. The course is completed with internship work experience at some of the finest establishments worldwide.


Designed for those who exhibit a high entrepreneurial potential and interest in developing a solid foundation for entrepreneurship education, this program focuses on evaluating and investigating business opportunities, preparing a business plan, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and students’ potentials in entrepreneurial settings.

International Tourism Management

Tourism industry needs professionals with creative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. The program is designed in response to the growing and fast-changing business environment, and incorporates the skills most needed in the growing areas of E-tourism hospitalities and MICE industries.

Innovative Media Production

This degree program is designed to develop students to meet the challenges of inevitable new media landscape and global-scaled innovation of the present time. Learning with world-class practitioners through action and practice-based learning, the students will become experts in content creation and applicators of computer-generated imagery (CGI), contributing art, printed media, videos, films, television programs, and simulators.


A well-rounded education designed to fully meet the
needs of today’s business sector.