Student Activities

Leadership Communication project-Barn Jing Jai foundation

The project was part of the Leadership Communication course from Communication Arts major, Bangkok University International.  The project called “Term-Fun-Pun-Rong-Tao” (เติมฝันปันรองเท้า). The name came from the inspiration that students wanted to give some new shoes for children who do not have shoes. Students collected donations from both on and off campuses. Not only shoes which were the primary items that they wanted, but also aimed to provide food and entertain children with activities at the Barn Jing Jai foundation (มูลนิธิบ้านจริงใจ) at Chonburi province.

Students received the sponsorship from three companies which were “Kasalong company” (กาสะลอง เซรามิค), Bangpree Audsahagum (บางพลีอุตสาหกรรม), and Tawanpurtpon company (ตะวันพืชผล).  In the end of the project, children at Barn Jing Jai Foundation received 22 pairs of shoes and 11,000 baht for scholarship.  They had a good time playing together at the foundation with children and received thanks back as their rewards.

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